Sunday, March 21, 2010

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This next year is going to be a good one! Daddy to be…finishing his Doctorate Degree

It’s true! We are having a BABY!

We are so excited to spread the news and also wanted to express the love we have for all of you that kept us in your prayers. Having a baby is truly a miracle and we couldn’t have made through this trial without all of your love, support and advice. I am almost 5 months along and we find out what we are having next week! Our little gummy bear (that’s what I thought it looked like in the first ultrasound so it’s name until we find out the sex) is due August 16th. We were able to tell some family over Christmas which was fun and included lots of happy tears.

The Story…..

It was actually unexpected, strange right? Let me tell you why…. For those of you who don’t know we had been trying to get pregnant for almost 2 yrs and had been on fertility treatments for about a yr. Long story short is I was diagnosed with PCOS, had lots of blood work, tests and ultrasounds done, and was put on fertility medications. Finally, we accepted that all of this just might not work. We decided I would take my last doses of fertility drugs and we would be done until Mckay graduated to decide what was next (adoption, IVF etc…).

Finding out the good news…..

Later that month, “something” hadn’t happened for about a week but I was positive that I was not pregnant. McKay wouldn’t stop bugging me to take a test. I hated taking those stupid things, it had gotten expensive and was just plain heartbreaking to see the same negative sign month after month. I had one test left so early the next morning I took it, and it was positive ! I couldn’t breathe but at the same time I was very calm, so I went back and slipped into bed and whispered to McKay “We’re going to have baby.” He was not so calm, jumped out of bed and gave me a gigantic hug. We then said a prayer to Heavenly Father thanking him for this wonderful blessing he had given us. Of course going back to bed was not an option even though it was about 4am.

1st Appt……

10 wks along. Everything was great although I was really nervous as to be expected. The heartbeat was strong and was like music to our ears. The little one was moving like crazy it was a really a fun thing to see. That was when it became real to us, we are having a baby! All of my appointments after that have gone great.

Being Pregnant…..

I didn’t feel anything and wouldn’t have even known that I was pregnant until about 7-8 wks which is when I got nauseated and kind of tired. Then around 9-10 weeks the nausea got much worse and the RN’s bathroom at work became a very familiar place. At this point the only people that knew were the nurses at my work, and the pharmacists at Mckay’s work for obvious reasons (I discontinued fertility meds and started prenatal and nausea meds). My diet consisted of cottage cheese, crackers, bread and salad. They were the only foods I could keep down. Anything sweet even fruit made me sick, and any meat… blah! Thank goodness at about 14 wks it completely went away and I got my energy back. Now I feel better than ever.

For spring break we went to Utah and spent some time in St. George, enjoyed the warmth and went hiking at Zions. We also visited our families, registered at Babies-R-Us in Las Vegas with Maren and bought a stroller which was our 1st baby purchase… yeah! Maren also gave me lots of tips and pointers about all the best and much needed baby stuff, which I was excited to learn from a pro.

I am excited to be pregnant through the summer in WY, the summers are perfect here. I can now feel the baby moving too, I feel it more and more everyday and it puts a big smile on my face . I can’t wait until McKay can feel the baby with me. He has been very loving and supportive in anything I need, and he’s truly the best husband ever and will be such great Dad. I will try to keep our blog updated better now. Thanks again to all of you that supported us in reaching this little miracle. We love you all so much! More Pics to come.