Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last weekend we had a really fun Sunday at the park with Sammy. As you can tell he had a blast too. There is a park just around the corner from our house and every once and a while we will stop there when we go for walk. This time was a little different though. When we got close to the playground we took Sam off of his leash and he was so excited he took off and bee lined straight to the slide. Most of the time Mckay or I have to go up and he will slide down after us but this time he new exactly what to do. Once he went down he shocked us again and ran around to the stairs and went down again. He truly is our child for now.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun Weekend with Friends

Last weekend our good friends came to see us from Utah. They brought their two dogs Harley and Lexi of course Sammy was so happy to have them to play with. We went to the Cowboy-Utes football game. It was freezing and windy but a good game because UT beat WY.....again. Yes I am a Utes fan. All of you cowboy fans get over it! A cowboy fan even gave Ry Ry a hard time for wearing a red coat. Sorry Ryan :) We got to show them around the quaint little town Laramie were we work and the University campus, relaxed and watched movies. It was so good to see them and I think we maybe even talked them into moving here. ya I wish ;0  I had just got my new camera so I got to play with it a little and the Master Photographer Ryan gave me some great tips. We miss them so much and cant wait for our trip to Utah soon. I have not seen my entire family for almost 5 months and it is starting to wear on me. I cant wait!"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A sweet treat!

I walked into the kitchen yesterday and what do I find? Sammy like a good boy staring at a sweet treat on the table not moving a muscle.

New Camera!

McKay just got me a new camera as a surprise. I enjoy photography a lot and can’t wait to start taking pictures I started to experiment some with McKay and Sammy. Hopefully I can get the hang of it and get some eye-catching pictures and post them soon.

White Coat Ceremony

This is me kissing McKay after his first day of Pharmacy school. Mary came up to spend the day with us and attend the white coat ceremony. It was nice to see the dream of pharmacy school start. The weather was great but right when we were walking to the school it started to rain. That's Wyoming weather for you!