Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter, Snow and B-days!

The Easter Lily that my dad sent me. McKays B-day. Sean and Mckay relaxing

C is for Carter Man! He destroyed that cake.

Sean was not very excited to get sticky.
It was a beautiful day in Denver.
Can you see the snow balls starting to form on his fur?
Its Christmas here in April. Yeah! At least someone seems to like it.
Sammy loves the snow so much. He plays outside for hours just digging and rolling around in it. We throw snowballs and he just does not understand how is disappears but dang it he is going to find it!

For Easter weekend we took a trip to Denver with some friends and went to the Denver temple This was a great time especially because our friends have a 1 year old that we had the chance to watch while they went to the temple. We took Sean to IHOP and shopping. We had a really good time. He loves McKay.
Mary sent us an Easter basket filled with candy and an egg decorating kit and my Dad sent me an Easter lily. He gets me one every Easter along with my mother and sister in laws. Thanks!

We also had a lot of B-days two were our friends babies turning 1 which of course are always a blast. There was a lot cake and icing all over!
Then McKay had his 26th. We celebrated by going to school and working all day! That's what I call a party! Nah we did go to dinner then opened presents that night. I put a lot of thought into his gifts so I hope he really liked it.