Friday, December 20, 2013

Here comes Santa Claus

 I have to say, that the Santa in these pics was amazing! Probably the BEST ;)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

And so it begins.....

Big dude here started school today. I'm the most heartbroken but happiest mamma around.

He was done with my clever ways to make him smile for the camera. He wanted to go to school.

Pointing to the letter "O".  O and M are his favs :)

We love this boy so much and are so excited to see him learn and grow.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happiest place on earth.

We only spent one day at Disneyland with both boys being so little.  Labor Day weekend had just ended, so waiting in lines was so much shorter that normal. Plus, we had my mom fly out for 3 days to help us and to just be a "Nana". Waiting in line for the first two rides were a bit rough on Dax, but he caught on pretty quick, knowing that there was always something fun and exciting at the end. We went on a couple little carnival type rides and Dax was so over it. He needed some thrill! So we decided we do some bigger, darker, scarier rides that he was tall enough to go on.( Dax was 39 inches, so he was just cut off from going on rides that I really wanted him to go on.) Our favs ended up being the Nemo submarine and the roller coaster in Toon Town that he went on that one 5 times. The 1st time on the roller coaster he was making some scared faces, but by the  3rd time he was laughing like crazy.

We got to meet Donald, Goofy, Mickey, and Pluto. He had to give them all his normal, kisses, squishes and hugs. It was adorable! Watching Dax’s eyes and huge smile when he got to meet them in person was priceless. He was in awe and I think a little overwhelmed(in a good way), because when we would say goodbye to the characters, he was not sad, but wanted to sit quietly and watch them still. It was like he was amazed that all these characters that he sees on TV all the time were right in front of him.
I wasn’t really sure how Grayson would handle meeting them. But by his facial expressions in all the pics, you can tell he was fascinated by them. He'd stare at them with a huge grin, wanting to touch their noses and give them kisses. 

We ended up staying all day and Dax hadn't had a nap, (this is the 2nd time in 3 yrs that he has missed a nap) so when it was time to leave, I'd dare say he had an atomic melt down. Can you really blame him though? Taking a toddler away from "happiest" place on earth. Ha ha ha......
I have to admit, it was so hard and so much work taking a 18 month and 3 yr old. Was it worth it? Yes, and we can't wait to go back. Experiencing Disneyland with my own kids was indeed up there with one of the best days since starting a family.

Kisses for Donald

Squishes for Goofy

Goofy was actually really funny

3 Goofy characters!

We had to go get the Mickey ear hats of course.

Nana switched spots with Dax and let him drive. Silly Nana :)


Waiting in line for the Nemo submarine ride

Talking to some characters on phone for a good 5 minutes

Doorbell ditching Mickey.

It was so hot and Grayson's face clearly proves it

His two favs! "Duck Duck"& "Efee"



Here Dax is waiting for Dad to get home so we could go! Ya think he was ready?

Hanging out by the castle

Helping out

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Beach BOYS!

Dax couldn't hold still he was so excited
We just returned from a much needed vacation from sunny California. The first place we hit up was the beach! Huntington Beach waves were pretty big the 1st day we went. Dax LOVED it, Grayson, not so much. Grayson was more interested in walking on and digging in the sand. At one point he just sat on my lap while we watched McKay and Dax playing in the waves.
Dax, on the other hand was splashing, jumping over and running away from the waves. It was so cute. I felt so peaceful and happy watching my little family enjoying life at the beach. We then washed off, had lunch and took a nice long walk on the pier to watch the surfers and fisherman. To end the beach outing we decided to walk along the shops and stop for some ice cream. The day couldn’t have been more perfect…….
Dax's 3rd time to the ocean

Grayson's first time to the ocean

It was a little cold

I guess Grayson found it relaxing

These two played so much

Walking the tire tracks the patrol truck made.

He could have walked forever

Finding crawdads

Being my buddy while watching McKay and Dax play

He is one happy beach boy.
Walking the pier

Strawberry ice cream with sprinkles! (Gray was sleeping and missed out on the cold treat)