Saturday, September 14, 2013

Beach BOYS!

Dax couldn't hold still he was so excited
We just returned from a much needed vacation from sunny California. The first place we hit up was the beach! Huntington Beach waves were pretty big the 1st day we went. Dax LOVED it, Grayson, not so much. Grayson was more interested in walking on and digging in the sand. At one point he just sat on my lap while we watched McKay and Dax playing in the waves.
Dax, on the other hand was splashing, jumping over and running away from the waves. It was so cute. I felt so peaceful and happy watching my little family enjoying life at the beach. We then washed off, had lunch and took a nice long walk on the pier to watch the surfers and fisherman. To end the beach outing we decided to walk along the shops and stop for some ice cream. The day couldn’t have been more perfect…….
Dax's 3rd time to the ocean

Grayson's first time to the ocean

It was a little cold

I guess Grayson found it relaxing

These two played so much

Walking the tire tracks the patrol truck made.

He could have walked forever

Finding crawdads

Being my buddy while watching McKay and Dax play

He is one happy beach boy.
Walking the pier

Strawberry ice cream with sprinkles! (Gray was sleeping and missed out on the cold treat)

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