Monday, September 17, 2012

Overwhelmed with cuteness!

So, Grayson is 6 months today and I couldn’t be any sadder. Okay, I'll stop being dramatic since I am not that upset, but I do think to myself everyday how happy I would be if I could freeze time with my babies. That totally explains my obsession with taking pics and videos I guess.

Grayson has hit some pretty big milestones unexpectedly in the last 4 wks.

He has now mastered sitting up. This one surprised me the most since Dax didn’t sit up until he was 7 months old. I still look at Gray’s little, tiny self all bright eyed and back straight just soaking in the new views and think he is just too little to being doing this!

 We recently noticed that he has this adorable deep dimple on his left cheek. I think it showed up when he got those chubby cheeks.
 He rolls all over the place! I love laying on the other side of the bed and seeing the determination in his face as he continually rolls in the same direction towards me until we are together.

 He is oh so very vocal. I figure with the lack of crying the first 4 months he is making up for happy squeals and screams. They can be so blunt and loud that it makes us jump and makes Dax laugh. He is now using more vowels and different pitches in his voice, but most of all and my favorite is when he says “Ma Ma Ma!” Dax said Da Da first and said it forever, so it’s only fair that Gray says my name. RIGHT?

 The latest big boy accomplishment is stand up while holding on to the couch, chairs, our fingers etc…… He has a lot of work to do on this one though.

 Still is not a fan of the bottle. I imagine the day when I stop nursing and try formula with a bottle is going to be scary. Leaving him for a long period is not in the cards for us. Some may think this is an issue, but since he is so happy and content with hanging out in his car seat/stroller looking around it makes it pretty easy taking him to dinner, shopping or house hunting.

 His naps are awesome, but sleeping at night is not so awesome. He is the most inconsistent night sleeper ever! Sometimes he wakes up 6+ times others he sleeps 8 hrs straight.

If you have facial hair it takes a bit for him to warm up to you. Other then that he is pretty good now at going to anyone unless he is being passed around a lot, which happens, quit a bit. That’s a good thing since it means he is very loved and very cute.

So handsome :)
Well good morning sunshine!

We started rice cereal and as you can see by the look on his face in the pics he is not impressed with it. It was quit hilarious watching his many disgusted expressions while trying to choke it down. Dax is a great observer and copycat, so he insisted in helping us feed Grayson. It was pretty cute.
1st taste

.....and wishing it was the last taste.

I was so happy Dax wanted to help
Brotherly love......

Sitting up!
Loves books just like Dax did
He was having a stare down with Sammy
He he he! Loves sucking on those tasty toes!

Bath time is so fun now that Gray can sit up and we can bath them together.

Love this expression

I never thought a profile of a ducky could be so adorable.

Last and definitely not least. Grayson is such a happy and smiley baby.

 Sometimes this baby boy of ours is so cute it hurts. We could seriously kiss and squish him all day if we didn’t have other things to do. I love it when I catch myself anticipating for him to wake up from his naps when I’m done with whatever I’m needing to do during his naps.
All I ask is for the next 6 months to go veryyyyyy sloooooooow!