Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Turning ONE

I won’t always cry, mommy When you leave the room, 
and my supermarket tantrums, will end too soon. 
I won’t always wake, Daddy For cuddles through the night’
and one day you will miss, Having a chocolate face to wipe.
You won’t always wake to find my foot, is kicking you out of bed,
Or find me sideways on your pillow, where you want to lay your head.
You wont always have to carry me, in asleep from the car,
Or piggy back me down the road. When my little legs can’t walk that far.
So cherish every cuddle, remember them all, One day Mommy,
I won’t be this small. -author unknown


 To our sweet baby Grayson,

I can hardly believe that it's been a year since we welcomed you into the world on that fresh and rainy Sunday morning.  You arrived with a soft cry, your bright blue eyes immediately taking in the world around you.

As I held you for the first time, my heart melted. I touched your dark hair and your tiny, wrinkly fingers and tears began streaming down my face. You, my second-born, are the best and perfect little gift for our little family.

Since then, we have learned so much from each other, but mostly I have enjoyed getting to know you for you and your incredible personality.
I love your mouth wide-open kisses and the way you forcefully turn my face towards yours, so you can look into my eyes.  I love your soft, sweet spirit and the way you scrunch your adorable button nose at me.

Most times, when I'm rocking you to sleep, I pray for your future. I wonder who you will become, what your interests will be, even who you'll one day spend the rest of your life with. 

These past few nights, when I've been comforting you as you are teething, I have felt those tears spring again to my eyes. Because I love you, Grayson, with my whole heart, and I look forward to knowing the strong man you will become.

Happy Birthday, Grayson. You truly are the greatest surprise we have ever received and you keep surprising us with blessings everyday, we otherwise would have never known.
You, baby Gray, are the sweet sunshine in our life!

Mom and Dad