Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daxton 2.5- A day with my Snugs

Dax is now 2 and 1/2.......He's fun, stubborn, crazy, hilarious and can be ridiculously awesome all in about 5 minute span.  He wears me out in such a good way.

Our days consist of him waking up from a glorious 10 hrs nights rest. He SLAMS the door then quietly tip toes to my side of the bed, puppy in hand whispering "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom." You get the idea. He loves chocolate chip pancakes and milk for breakfast, or cold cereal on most days when I'm too exhausted. Thank goodness he's happy with that too.

After breakfast he plays with his favorite toys while I get things done and/or shower. Those toys are, Mac from Cars, his trains and monster trucks.

Most of the day this ball of energy is constantly jumping off of everything and if there isn't anything to jump down from he'll happily put something on the ground to jump over.

His favorite places to go are the park and the aquarium. He knows when we are getting close to both destination by his surroundings. In the aquarium he runs around finding all the nemos, turtles or pretty much a buddy to hang with closer in age that his mama :(
Endless hrs are spent at the park. Dax will do, or go on everything. If it isn't as exciting to his expectations he'll create a more dangerous way to further enjoy it. He does have his favorite, the swings. He would swing most of the time if I'd let him, but I need him to run some energy out as well.

His favorite meals for lunch are lunch meat, cheese, pickles or peanut butter sandwich with cut up strawberries and lastly my favorite since it's so easy, mac n cheese baby!  He also strangely enjoys tomatoes and carrot. 

After lunch he takes yet again another glorious sleep of 1-2 hrs. I like this time to have one on one with Grayson if he is awake, catch up on projects or watch a show that I enjoy. When he wakes up he is pretty ticked off and all he wants to do is "hug." This is how he says snuggle or hold me.

This is time that we go to the store or just hang around the house doing all the things that we try to do to keep our toddlers busy. Play-do is a favorite or coloring and stickers. I like to try and take this time and work on speech, colors, numbers, shapes, letters etc....

Dax likes to help get dinner ready by me handing him everything that needs to go on the table, plates, utensils, butter, dressings etc....
If there is something that needs to be mixed or stirred, he's your guy.
Dax knows the drill about praying before eating and thinks this is fun. He'll sit in his spot and happily push his food and drink far far away from him so he isn't tempted. Our prayers are pretty much the same thing and in the same tone every time, so he is catching on as far as what he needs to say when its his turn.

Now that its getting warmer we can now go for short walks before baths, and of course being outside walking Sam is probably the best way to end the day.

I have felt pretty blessed to have good sleepers and it keeps getting better all the time. Dax now is more that happy to go to bed most nights. We tell him to get his puppy and lets go up and snuggle before bed. He gets excited, finds his puppy, trots upstairs and lays down in his bed until I get there. (as of right now he prefers/insists me to tuck him in) He doesn't like me to leave him and he'll whisper "mom, no" but he knows the drill and lets me go without a fuss. Oh, its so nice to have bed time around our house be peaceful and a happy time. It was super hard getting to this point, but its here for the moment.

Dax has his stuggles like any 2 yrs old still. He loves to do everything we do, but when we want or need him to do something he refrains. Going to the store use to be so easy and nice :) boy has that changed :( He is well aware of a store and knows he is going to get stuck in the cart and is whinny the entire time. I am trying to teach him to hold on the cart and walk with me, but this is not going so well.
We are slowly learning about sharing with Grayson and not pushing him. We have good days and bad days, but he is making great progress. Grayson is like Dax's little shadow, following him everywhere trying to take his toys(play with him), so naturally Dax gets territorial and struggles with having a little brother.

Dax's speech is improving very slowly, so in the past 2 months we have seen an audiologist, ENT, and we will see the speech pathologist today to assess what help he needs.
He still talks up a storm and I am now understanding so much more, but strangers and even some family have no idea what he is saying. He is now putting 3-4 words together like- "I want go outside." "Mom, I want juice please." "Bebe Gray is sad."

Loves to count everything up to 5(he may count higher, but we don't understand him)
He knows the colors, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green Purple, Black. He loves to sort things into colors, or lines them up.
Still loves letters and knows most of them. He gets a few of them mixed up though. He loves to make the letter sounds, X, H, C, K,T, B, Z
Right now he loves to pretend play by taking care of his baby doll. Feeds him, rocks him, reads stories to him, puts him in the play grocery cart and pushes him around and plays patty cake with him. It's super cute!

Last but not least, probably because its one of the first things you notice about Dax, his hair. Red curly and out of control. I have a love hate relationship with it. It is impossible to style, so most days I let it be and do its thing. Those are the days that I get most people that comment how awesome or cute it is.


We call him a chicken when he acts scared to jump. This is him calling himself a chicken I guess.

Crash landing