Monday, August 26, 2013

Look at ME, I'm turning 3!

Dax is such a hilarious and crazy kid, but so affectionate at the same time. One minute he'll be running around and wrestling with his brother, then he'll all of sudden be crawling into my lap, whispering that he loves me while touching my cheek.

Dax is now a whopping 36 lbs and is 38 inches tall. Long and skinny :) He LOVES our new house, maybe as much as I do. Playing hide and seek is a new favorite, but we really just run around, hiding behind doors and furniture, then jump out to scare him. He loves to be scared.

While on that same note of being scared. We went to a carnival to try out some of the rides just to test Dax to see how well he does on them. He passed ;) He not only went on all the rides appropriate for his height and age, but thought they were a little boring and wanted to join his cousins on the big rides. (Story for another blog entry) Basically he's still a little dare devil and loves the feeling of butterflies in his tummy.

His days usually involve waking up, the boys eat breakfast and watch some Mickey Mouse Club house shows while I get stuff done. We get ready for the day and Dax could care less what clothes I put him in, but he does sometimes like to pick out his shoes. He usually plays outside on the tramp, in the sandbox or on the playground until nap time. He'll wake up eat lunch or we'll take it on the go. The afternoons are usually when we hit up a splash pad, walks, Thanksgiving Point, parks, pools, Zoo, Aquarium. playdates etc...... (I am extremely grateful to live in a place where we have so many fun options and for decent prices.) Then, Mckay gets home, we eat dinner, and head back outside. 99% of the time the neighborhood kids congregate to our house to play outside until bath and bed time. This by far the best part of moving. I get to see Dax play with so many other kids while Mckay and I relax, hang out and talk with our friends. Sometimes Mckay can't resist and has to go play with Dax and the other boys, just because he's an awesome dad like that. Dax is a lucky kid! Then off for bath time. Que the toddler tantrum. Try taking a boy away from all his friends to go inside to take a bath and to go to bed. Usually not a good outcome. Lol!
Dax loves his bath, but getting him in it some nights is a struggle. He either jumps right in or we go though a few time outs and taking away toys before he'll climb in. Then, once he's in you cant get him out! Sometimes I cant win with him :) Putting him to bed is the time that I get to always be with just, Dax. Grayson goes to bed before him, so I actually lay down with Dax and snuggle with him until he falls asleep.  Its been like this for 6-7 months and I don't see why I would ever stop. I love getting that time with him while he's calm and we have our simple conversations though whispering.

Dax's speech is still behind, but with the little speech therapy he has had the past 4 months helped him tremendously. He knows about 500 words, uses 3-4 words in a sentence and Mckay and I can understand about 75% of what he's saying. The biggest problem is other people only understand maybe 25% of what he is trying say. He talks really fast and and jabbers a lot. Until he learns how to slow down and think about what he's trying say, we'll just keep working with him while trying to understand this hilarious language of his. I know I'll miss it when its gone.

He still loves trains and cars, but has a new love for planes because of the new movie, Planes by Disney. We have taken him twice to see it now. He went and saw it with Mckay for his birthday, loved it and did awesome in the theater. Then, we all went as a family, including Grayson. Again, he loved it.

He just recently decided to actually play golf. Mckay is thrilled about this as you can imagine. Dax use to goof around with his clubs and never wanted to actually hit the golf ball correctly. (Can you blame him? He was only 2 after all ;) But something about turning 3 made him interested in using good form and taking his time before his smacks it. (most of the time)

I am happy to say that he is still a super great sleeper for naps and bedtime. I can count on one hand how many times he has come out of his room to come get us in the middle of the night. He had a pretty good excuse of being sick one time and then moving into the new house. Other than that, he is a 10-12 hrs a night sleeper and one 1-2 hr nap a day kinda kid. I'm grateful.

 Dax is very affectionate. Before he goes to bed, takes a nap, says good bye, or even just because he loves you, he'll go though the routine of giving you, hugs, kisses and squishes. (Squishes are squishing you cheeks) Sometimes this is a long process, but super fun and adorable to do with him.

He loves teasing, chasing and wrestling with his little brother. This is probably one of the best things I to watch everyday. As of right now the boys mostly play and entertain each other and of course have their typical quarrels over a toys.
Dax is now trying to "help" a lot with Grayson too. He'll try and hold his hand, pick up toys he has dropped, and the best is helping with diaper changes. Unless, its a super messy one, then he just gags and says "Yucky Poop!"

I feel like he's going to turn 3 and EVERYTHING sky rockets here on out. For example, he'll be starting preschool, going to be a Sunbeam, sport practices and play dates are becoming a daily thing, because our new neighborhood rocks! Watching him run down the street and knock on the door to go play with his buddies is crazy cute, but seems too grown up for my liking. I do love seeing him learn and grow though. I honestly could go on and on about the fun quirky things my sweet boy does, but wouldn't have time to be done with this update and go play with him :)

Happy Birthday, Dude! We love you more than ever!

And the annual questionnaire....

 Daxton’s 3rd Birthday Fun Facts

How old are you?__3__
Who is your best friend?__Grayson or Kalen__
What is your favorite thing to do?_Play in the sandbox____
What is your favorite color?__Green________________
What are your favorite foods___Chocolate chip pancakes
What do you like to do with your family__Splashpad/Swim_________
What is your favorite toy?_Mac (from Cars) & Dusty(from Planes)_______
What makes you the happiest?__Playing with cousins
What makes you sad?__Saying good bye______
What are your favorite movies?___Cars/Chuggington__________
What is your favorite book?_____Thomas and Friends__________
What is your favorite animal?__Doggy/Fish___________
What are your favorite treats?   donuts with sprinkles or snap peas____
What is your favorite song?___Hot Dog Dance (from Mickey Mouse)
Favorite expression__“OH YEAH!”____
What is your favorite drink?____ Milk______________
What is your favorite fruit?_______Strawberries___________
What is your favorite game?______Pretending like he's a puppy, Swinging at the park_____

Playing with worms

Making a wish. He didn't know what I meant by it, so I made a wish for him :)

Caution! Someone turned 3!

We had a party at our house for Dax and the theme is obvious. Construction! Dax loves all of the construction going on around our new neighborhood. At least he loves it, because I sure don't. He is fascinated by all the, dump trucks, cranes, front loaders, semi's etc.  We had family and some friends over for the usual, food, cake, pinata and good 'ol fun. I sure loved seeing all our friends and family joining together to celebrate Dax. He was so happy to have so many people to talk and play with! At moments I would actually sit back in between all the craziness and get a bit emotional seeing all the love and support around us. We are so grateful for our family and friends.



 Happy Birthday, Dear Daxton!


My brother Jack helped with the piƱata 

He'd gasp with excitement at every present he would open. 
He got spoiled like crazy! Lucky squirt!

We attempted a shot with all of us. Fail ;)



Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The girls from my old neighborhood got together with all our kids and went to the zoo. We also had a BBQ that night, as a goodbye for us before we moved. It was so fun and thank goodness I only live about 20 minutes away from them now. I was pretty upset leaving everyone and I think by the pictures you'll see why. My friend, Jess across the street has a 3 yr old girl Cam who is basically Dax's girlfriend. LOL! Cam was always so good with Dax and of course the CUTEST little girl ever! Arranged marriage?

Jack, Lennon, Kam, Gray, Leah and Dax. Such good little friends!

How cute are they?

Of course, Gray sat in the stroller, ate and took a nap. Good kid! I felt kinda bad, but he was happy and content.