Sunday, November 15, 2009

I know I know I’m a slacker. It has been a really long time since I have updated only because we’ve been so busy and having so much FUN! Both our parents came up to see us this summer. We took a couple trips to Utah and Colorado. We both were able to work the whole summer which was very helpful. Busy Busy! So here are lots of pics of what we did over the summer up until now.

Getting so close!

McKay had his last first day school  Yeeee haaa! This is his last year of school “classroom” work. He will start rotations in May that will be most likely from Colorado to Washington. We are trying to get most of them in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. There are 8 of them and they are a month at a time. I will not be going with him when they are farther away. Sad but it will be worth it when he is done and we are praying that he gets most of them in Utah or here so we can live together for that time. We are so excited! McKay has been putting so much into this and it shows by his grades and being on the Deans List. He is learning so much I honestly can’t even fathom having to know as much as he does. I am one proud wife!

Lots of Hiking

As some of you know we love to hike. In the summer any spare time we have you will find us in the mountains. The trails here are beautiful and there are so many of them we are always finding new ones. Sammy is a wonderful hiking buddy too as you can see by the pics.

So Mckay had to take a music class this semester (weird I know) One of his assignments was to attend a concert. Well he got an A on that one! One of the hardest A’s he has ever had to earn. We went to Jason Mraz at the Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado. He is an amazing performer with a great voice. Red Rocks is one place if you ever get the chance to go there for a concert it is worth it! The atmosphere and landscape is amazing.

Happy 4 years!

We also celebrated our 4th anniversary by going to Denver for the weekend. We really like it there. We have found some delicious restaurants in the past 3 yrs. and have figured out our way around Denver. (sort of ). We ate lots of good food, went shopping, swimming and we went to this gorgeous park in the middle of the city. There was river you could tube down, fun trails, hot dog stands and lots of people had their dogs, which was fun for us but we wished Sammy was there. Denver is a very active city they provide lot of places to run bike and hike. I could live there 

We went to Hawaii in June with the entire Robinson family and of course it was a blast.

My niece Gracie got baptized on July 4th This was one great event. She got fireworks and lots of them. My brother did a great job baptizing her. It was beautiful and boy did the tears flow. She is a very special girl who is growing up so fast and has a lot of family that love her especially 2 of them that might live far away but we think of her all the time. Love you Grace!