Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting so close!

McKay had his last first day school  Yeeee haaa! This is his last year of school “classroom” work. He will start rotations in May that will be most likely from Colorado to Washington. We are trying to get most of them in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. There are 8 of them and they are a month at a time. I will not be going with him when they are farther away. Sad but it will be worth it when he is done and we are praying that he gets most of them in Utah or here so we can live together for that time. We are so excited! McKay has been putting so much into this and it shows by his grades and being on the Deans List. He is learning so much I honestly can’t even fathom having to know as much as he does. I am one proud wife!

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