Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Talking Daxton!

Here is a quick video of our little guy trying to talk to his good friend Mr. Sun on his play mat. He sure is a lot of fun and he is learning to use his voice more every day!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What a Goof Ball!

Caution! Major picture overload.

Our blog is a great way to get pics and updates to family and friends that live in Utah and it is awesome material to place in Daxton’s memory book.

Seriously, Daxton is the funniest little boy. His personality comes out more all the time and he makes us laugh a lot. What a joy and huge blessing it is to have so much happiness in our home.

Dax is now 3 months, weighting in at over 13 lbs!!! I am not exactly sure how he gains any weight, because he is quit the big spitter upper at times. Some days I wonder if he even keeps any milk in his tummy. Unfortunately, his sleep habits haven't changed since he was 2 months old, but fortunately at 2 months he was a pretty descent sleeper. He still eats once a night, but thank goodness goes right back to bed so we don’t loose much sleep. He is also still a big lover of the swaddle blanket. Who knows when that stinkin startle reflex will go away. On the bright side he basically zonks out within seconds of being swaddled so that is nice especially at night, church and work. I really need to put some videos up because Daxton talks in his own little voice all the time! We love talking back as though we all understand each other and are having deep meaningful conversations. It’s so cute.

The day has finally come! McKay moved home this weekend and we are all thrilled. It was not an easy thing to have McKay living in Colorado. I was basically a single mom that worked, took care of the house, Sammy and myself. When I was contemplating not going back to work and just moving down to Loveland, a very wise women once told me: “ If you can make it through this Jess you will feel so much more confidant as a mother”. Thanks Maren for the pep talk. I am very happy with the decision I made. So here we are now McKay has been home for 2 days and I can't get Daxton out of his arms. As you can see by the pictures, Daxton is pretty happy being there.

Now bring on the pictures!

Daxton getting some much loved raspberries!

This is Daxton waking up from a very short nap. In the morning or when I hear him wake up, I sneak in and poke my head over the crib and wait till he sees me. Then I get this reaction. Priceless!

He still loves getting his diaper changed

He thinks his hands are pretty yummy

One weekend that McKay came home, it snowed, so we went and took some pics and went on a drive to our favorite coffee shop to get scones and hot snow (white hot chocolate with coconut milk)

Dax slept the whole time while mom and dad caught up.

The little stink pot has no interest in rolling over but loves flipping on his side to get a different view.

.....but dont worry he pretty much stands on his own! With little help he stands like this for about a minute plops back down and pushes back up again. ( I will be putting a videos of all this soon dad I promise)

Dad giving the little squirt a bath.

He likes feeling the water running over his hands

Ready for bed!

This happens a lot. He gets pretty worn out after tummy time, food, bath, and a story. Ahhh my sweet little boy.

Now that I am back to work, I feel pretty lucky to able to take him with me. Here I am taking a break, while he sleeps on me in the conference room. Most days are good, but others can be pretty tough. It's times like this that I really count my blessings. I can't beat getting paid to watch my own son.