Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter 2012!

Easter this year was super fun having both boys and being able to celebrate with both sides of the family.
Playing patty cake in Grammy and Grandpa's back yard.

Easter egg hunt at Nana and Papa's

He spotted an egg across the bridge!

Grayson even found some eggs with Nana

McKay and Dax crackin open all the eggs to see what they scored! Pretty sure that Twix went in my tummy and the starbursts went in McKay's :)

Dax also got a Bilibo toy/chair for Easter. ( its awesome by the way)

Maggie holding Gray while he snoozes after the egg hunt. He's my little Easter egg!

Dax would flip over the Bilibo and balance on it. He was so proud of himself!

Showing off his skills by pointing out body parts while balancing.

Such a ham!

Great Grammy holding Grayson.

Dax learned how to blow bubbles! This is actually the very first one that successfully worked.

Grammy sharing her candy with the moocher.

Both boys swinging away with Grammy and enjoying the weather

We all tried to play with one of Dax's Easter toys a paddle ball. All I am going to say is we laughed pretty hard watching everyone try to use it.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Splish Splash!

This is always one of my favorite times with a newborn. The belly button and circumcision have healed and they seem to be less fragile. Grayson was pretty calm and didn't cry much until I got him out. Giving him baths now is pretty fun. You can see in his expression how the warm water is relaxing to him and its pretty cute seeing Dax wanting to take part in the washing too.

Warm and happy again

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcoming Baby Grayson

We are so in love with our new little addition to our family, Grayson M Robinson. He joined our family at 11:03am on Sunday the 18th. 7 lbs. 3oz and 19 inches in length.
A quick run down on what life is like with him is well….. much easier and different than when Daxton was a newborn. Grayson is a great eater, has a very soft and sweet personality, decent sleeper and when he does cry which isn’t very often he is very easy to console. I am more than happy to comfort him by singing to him or snuggling.

The wait is over.....I finally get to meet my sweet baby boy.

Going into labor was not so easy this time around.  I was pushing the issue of trying to go into labor sooner than later and so I chose to get stripped. I got stripped on the 15th then again on the 16th, which basically put me into false labor for 3 days with irregular and painful contractions that didn’t even help me progress. This was extremely frustrating. I was scheduled to be induced on Sunday the 18th and it just so happened that a few hrs before we were suppose to leave I actually went into labor. Convenient right???
So to make it a quick explanation since it did all happen so quickly. I checked in at 7am, they hooked me up and it looked like I was not progressing very fast so they started a low dose of PIT. I got my wonderful epidural at 5cm and they broke my water at 10ish. I went to 10cm very fast, started to push and had my sweet baby in my arms at 11:03 with 5 minutes of pushing. It was a crazy, very emotional and happy experience. 

Some unexpected highlights of that day were we actually were able to be with Dax at the hospital for most of it which was not planned but ended up being a treat having his sweet and goofy personality around.  He and my dad ended up leaving after they broke my water. Dax really knows how to make us smile and lighten the mood. My dad was going to stay at our house and just watch him there, but since I ended up going into labor we rushed to the hospital and took Dax with us and my parents met us there.  My dad was obviously there and was able join McKay with giving me a blessing right before he and Dax left.
With Dax’s delivery it was just McKay and I so with Grayson’s we chose to have the support of some family members. Both deliveries ended up being very special in very different ways.

A very happy and emotional daddy

He was making the cutest noises in the picture.

Proud daddy
1st bath. He did pretty good and didn't cry much. Maybe he'll like baths as much as his big brother
The joy of bonding with Grayson.

Grayson doesn’t really have a big brother yet. What I mean by that is Dax is pretty sure that baby Gray is just another thing that is in our home that can be stepped or laid on. I have to give Dax some credit though since he just turned 19 months old he is okay with Gray when he does take interest. He tries to give Grayson his pacifier, plays patty cake with whatever 2 limbs he can get and likes to pretend to trim his nails. (Dax loves it when I trim his nails so must assume Gray loves it too)  He will pretend to kiss him by getting really close to him and saying “muuuahhh”! When Grayson gets fussy Dax will run over to him and start yelling toddler gibberish and throwing his hands around. It’s pretty hilarious. We still have a ton of work to do with teaching Dax to be soft and careful around Grayson.

Dax finally gets to meet his little brother.

Of course he was unsure of what Grayson really was but....

...he must think he is pretty cute!

Sharing the love

I cant wait for these two to play with each other.

Snuggles are little ruff when given by Dax but they still make me happy

They have similar features but Grayson has dark hair and a much darker complexion. We'll see if his eyes are blue like Dax's or he gets my brown eyes

My best boys taking a nap on me. Life is good!

We are settling in at home wonderfully and enjoying being a family of 4. Having an easy going calm baby is not what I am use to but will definitely take it!  We feel extremely blessed to have 2 very healthy boys and have so much to be thankful for.