Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Growing up!

Weight: 10 ½ lbs

Height: 23 inches

Daxton is now sleeping 5-6 hrs a night and has become very consistent. I now only have to get up once a night to feed him. He also has been putting himself back to sleep at night after I get him a bit drowsy. Dax is awake a lot during the day (probably why he sleeps at night). All of his light brown hair fell out at about 4 wks ago and now is growing back pretty blonde. His neck is getting stronger all the time. Its pretty fun sitting him up on our lap playing and not being concerned about his neck flopping around as much. His eye contact is great and he is a very good listener to his surroundings. His crying has decreased significantly and he fusses by making growling noises when he is upset, its actually kind of cute. We are figuring each other out for the most part. He is a very happy baby. It is very easy to get smiley pics of our little guy.

At exactly 4 weeks he flashed his first gummy smile to his dad, of course, then a couple days later I got mine. From then on they got more and more frequent. Now he smiles all the time. It melts my heart.

Dax has found his voice! It is darling. It seemed like just one day he started cooing, whooing and hollering, especially when our attention goes anywhere besides him.

He is now starting to mimic the way we move our mouth and tongue (so funny). The best is when its late and he is really relaxed we make this owl whooooing noise and he does it back! I almost died the first time he did it with his dad.

Daxton is growing so much and changing so much. Here is a list of all of his likes and dislikes.


His play mat. He is not grabbing at any of the toys on purpose yet but he swats at them and likes to hear the noises they make.

Bath time is still a fav It cracks me up when he is in the water he doesn’t get excited or anything he just going completely floppy and acts like he could just crash. Apparently he finds it extremely soothing, lucky for us.

Diaper changes….huh! Its true sometimes when he is fussing and has a clean diaper he just likes us to go, put him on the changing table and off the diaper goes. Yikes! Lets just say we have had some messes being a boy and all.

Being swaddled. We are trying to start weaning him from this but his startle reflex is terrible. Let just say if we don’t swaddle at night nobody is getting any sleep in our house but during the day he is unswaddled even for some naps but they are short ones.

He like many places like…..

The baby bjorn carrier, thank goodness because when I need to get things done around the house is comes in handy he always falls asleep in it.

His car seat just like any baby I guess but he likes car rides and walks in the stroller. The weather has been wonderful so for almost 3 wks straight we got to go on lots walks to the park and on the trails here in Laramie.

Most of all he likes mom and dads shoulder (refer to the picture ) when in this position he becomes very calm but very aware of what is going on.


Tummy time. I hate that he hates this so we do a lot of tummy time on my chest it seems to be working.

The booger sucker!!!! So we have the Nose Freida sucker for those of you who have a baby don’t ask just buy it. Its gross but you get over it quick because when your little one is stuffy and cant breath it clears EVERYTHING out. (you’ll have to look it up cuz I hate explaining it)

The light from the TV. When its dark and we have the TV on he will not go to sleep! Its odd but the changing of the lights in his eyes bothers him big time.

Getting his eyes wiped out. He has a tear duct that is still kind of blocked but getting much better.

The binky. I have a hard time with this because it can be soothing to him but on rare occasions. He just spits it out once you let go of it. He does like his hand when he can find it. He gets better everyday on finding his hands and once he gets more coordinated with his hands it will be great for him to self sooth.

He had his shots which ended up being not so bad. Don’t get me wrong it was heart breaking but he did wonderful He did get a fever but just a little one. He let out the loudest scream I have ever heard him make, he cried for a second, I nursed him right after and then he was a happy camper, then crashed for a couple hrs. He was so somber and sweet and wanted lots of cuddles the rest of the day. I was more than happy to give them. You can see by the pics he even gave us a half smile just because he knew mom needed one.

Daxton in his new bouncer obviously he loves it Daxton taking a nap on my mother and of course Sammy gets in on the cuddles too.


Sadey said...

I loved reading this post Jess. I don't think he could be any more perfect!

ARob said...

He is the cutest baby ever!!! What an adorable smile!

Sarah said...

Yeah, I missed this post somehow. It's so cool that he smiles so much! You guys get some great shots of him.

I was just thinking about the binky thing - have you tried a different kind? Those Soothie ones never worked very well for Avery but I think it was Nuks that did - they've got a totally different shape. You might try buying a couple different kinds and seeing how it goes.

Chelsie and Trace said...

He is such a doll!!