Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dax's "Favorites" birthday celebration!

For Dax’s party this year we chose to have his favorite things to enjoy at his celebration minus the mac’n cheese. On the menu were hot dogs, (brats for adults) gold fish, lots of fruit, orange pineapple juice, chalk suckers, sour candy, lemon cake etc….. Notice the absence of chocolate? As I was getting a list down of his favs I noticed I didn’t have any chocolate. I ended up making homemade Oreos for the other kids to enjoy and to have some chocolate since it is mommy’s favorite ☺
He loved blowing out his candles and did such a good job that Papa lite them again. It was the best watching his face light up listening to everyone sing to him. He loves the birthday song especially when it is for him.

Our attempt to get a picture with Nana and Papa. Not very successful since the half eaten cake tipped over. 

Then is got shoved in Jackson's face by Maggie 

He loves these chalk suckers and so do I since they are so easy to clean up!


He was walking around watching the kids hitting the balloons and screaming with excitement like this.

Dax's Papa about to chow down!

Dax's uncle Jake and Aunt Natalie

Snugs with his Grammy.

Aunt Angie and Uncle Jack

Baby Gray had tons of fun too with lots of love from all his family

 Hanging out with Aunt Nanny
Grayson was all partied out

The balloons ended up being a big hit. He loved kicking, hitting and even popping them.

Everyone was so nice and brought Dax a gift to open. Here we have a Monkey back pack from Nana. She calls him "Monkey Boy"

We got him this Movie. Its his new favorite.

He got a piggy bank from Grammy to start saving up for college and a mission. Lots of books, trucks, learning toys and BIG Legos1

These two sweet girls are always helping out with Dax. Best baby sitters in the WORLD!

Of course we must have the Piñat! Dax went first and didn't do much damage.  He just liked swatting at it and gave it his best effort using the bat even though it was too heavy for him

At the end of the day everyone ran around popping the balloons with their behinds! This was quit funny to watch.

McKay even joined in
Once again, I had way too much fun with the decorations. I was pretty proud of my self this year since I made most of them for really cheap and used a lot of stuff from other parties.

My mom found this great hotdog stand at a garage sale for a steal! It even matched the part colors.

Want to take a guess who's little fingers those are?

We had so much fun watching our family members play and help Dax enjoy his special day.

Here is the questionnaire I am going to try and ask my kids on their bday every year.

 Daxton’s Birthday Fun Facts

How old are you?__2_____________
Who is your best friend?__Cambria_____________
What is your favorite thing to do?_Vroom my trucks around____
What is your favorite color?__Blue________________
What are your favorite foods___Applesauce and cheese_______
What do you like to do with your family__Go to the park_________
What is your favorite toy?___Monster Trucks_______________
What makes you the happiest?__Snuggles in my mom and dad’s arms with my sippy_& talking on the phone
What makes you sad?_____Watching people leave___________
What are your favorite movies?___Lorax & Rio__________
What is your favorite book?_____The Monster at the end of this book__________
What is your favorite animal?__Doggy___________
What are your favorite treats?___Fruit snacks,crackers and chalk suckers____
What is your favorite song?___If you’re happy and you know it__
Favorite expression__”AAALLLL RIIIGHT!” & “OH YEAH!”____
What is your favorite drink?____ Milk______________
What is your favorite fruit?_______Grapes___________
What is your favorite game?______Wrestling with Dad_____


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