Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sweet Baby GRAY 9-10 months

My baby has changed more this last month than any other.

On New Years Eve day he decided that he would crawl. No practicing or hiccups at all. It was strange to see him act like it was no big deal. McKay didn't believe it when I called to tell him, but I clearly had the proof after he came home. It totally freaked Dax out at first. It was so funny to watch Dax walk backwards while Grayson was happily crawled towards him, as if he knew he was picking on him. Dax would just yell, "Baby! No! BOP(stop)! MOM!!!" We thought he'd never crawl since he was pretty dang good and rolling to his destinations.

Luckily he has not had any interest in climbing the stairs... yet. He can hold off on this for a while though. When I go upstairs he'll sit at the bottom and babble away to me and eventually the babbling turns into some ticked off yells. I get the hint Gray :)

He loves to point and wave. He waves in two different ways. First, the typical opens and closes his fingers into a fist and the other way is pretty much throwing is arm up and down and letting his hand flop around. I much prefer the floppy wave.

Gray loves to fill up and empty his small toys into containers or put toys on and off shelves.

Enjoys looking outside like this pic below.

He can say- Go, Ba(ball) Ma Ma, Da Dad, Yeah, Anana (banana) cakah (cracker) and lots of other noises. He always tries to mimic us and even uses the correct pitch.

If you ask him if he is strong, he'll clench his fists and grunt with all his might. Sometimes a little toot comes with his masculine growl. LOL!

He is the best sleeper! We tried to do the same sleep training with him that we did with Dax. (Cry it out method) It was very successful. He was sleeping 12 hrs straight by the 3rd night and the first 2 nights were pretty much cake. I wish we would have done it sooner. I'm a lucky Mom right here.

He is very sensitive and takes some time to warm up to certain people, but he always does and becomes their BFF.

Favorite place to play is under the table

Bright eyes and dark lashes. Look out ladies!

Likes to follow Dax everywhere!

When you ask him "How big is Grayson?" he'll quickly smile, throw his hands in the air, touch his head and slowly bring his hands back down over his face. Funny boy.

Loves to touch facial hair. Just ask McKay, my brothers, papa or Nick Chadwick LOL! It keeps him very entertained!

He has got a quick temper that comes on fast, but it's always short lived. Basically, he can get mad really fast and scream REALLY loud. Thank goodness its mostly all an act and he'll stop fast.

This kid can eat! He has always been in the 30%-50% in height and weight, but he sure eats like he should be in the 100th. He has turned down one food item so far, peas. Can ya blame him? His favorites are- cinnamon oatmeal/cream of wheat, beef stroganoff, chocolate chip pancakes (like his big bro) pears, mashed potatoes, cupcakes(like his mama) and toast with sticky strawberry jam.
We sure love our little G. Full of personality, but the sweetest thing you'll ever lay eyes on!

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