Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Baby Blog

We’ve been through a lot and it has been GREAT!

During the weeks, I am busy working and getting ready for the baby and McKay keeps busy at his rotation sites. Add to that busy weekends of baby showers in WY & UT, visits to McKay in Loveland, and hiking whenever we get a chance and extra time gets scarce. Luckily, Laramie weather has been great and we soak up every second we can outside. Staying busy is obviously the best thing for us during the pregnancy.

I have to admit …..pregnancy has been pretty much a breeze after the 3rd month. I feel very grateful for having such a stress free healthy pregnancy. Like I said, I am still working and thankful for that because I know I would go insane if I didn’t have something to do all day. Being on my feet all day has its challenges, but for me it works. After saying that, I do get to experience most of the typical “joys” that come along with pregnancy, although I can easily say it has not slowed me down. My Dr.’s appointments are always a quick in and out. I have been going on lots and lots of walks especially when McKay is home. It seems to always make me feel at ease and happy.
Here are lots and lots of pics of either the pregnancy or our summer fun activities. Next update? We’ll be lucky if there is another post before the little guy gets here…but I’ll try.

During his ultrasound he moved a lot and could not keep his hand/thumb out of his mouth. Yawned a couple times which I thought was so cute and gave us lots of fist pumps (McKay got a huge kick out of that)
Medicine Bow with my Sammy
35 ish wks
What a happy family! Lookout point at Medicine Bow
Hiking with the girls


McKell said...

I am so excited for the little guy to get here! You have to post pics right away! Oh, and my old blog got deleted, so I'll have to send you an invite to my new one. Good luck with everything! You are looking fantastic :)

Chelsie and Trace said...

Hey you look so good!! I'm sad I missed you when you were here in June. Well I'm so excited for you can't wit to see pictures of the little one. Let me know if you come down again I would love to try and get together.

Venturing Vosses said...

You're so beautiful pregnant! Hope things are going great. The picture of you and Ariel make me miss Biolife!! That's so great that things are going so smoothly for you. Congrats and can't wait to see your baby pics when you start posting!