Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Showers!

My baby showers were so fun. The Robinson family and friends shower was themed “Welcoming the Lil’ Cow Poke”, and we all wore bandanas and sheriff badges. It was hilarious! The Stika family and friends shower had tons of good food and games in my mother’s back yard. It was great to see everyone in Utah that I hadn’t seen in a while, plus everything was so beautiful. Lastly, my friend Cherry had a BABY-Q (BBQ) shower for our Laramie friends and their spouses. The food was great and we played a game where everyone decorated a white onesie and McKay and I picked a winner to receive a prize. As you can see by all the pics we all had so much fun and received a lot of really great and much needed baby stuff. We feel very loved and blessed. Thanks again to everyone for every thing! It’s much appreciated.

Now that the showers are done, the baby’s room can now be organized and put together. It’s so exciting to wash and fold up all his tiny little clothes; I can’t wait to put him in them!

Here are the darling invites

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ARob said...

It was so fun to see you at the shower! We can't wait for him to arrive and for you to move back to Utah!