Saturday, December 11, 2010

4 months old...Baby Daxton, Bumbos, Beanies, Bees, Books and much much more!

I am pretty sure Dax can read……k not really but the reason I start with that is because my last post I expressed some things we were struggling with like not sleeping more that about 6 hrs at night at a time. Well he sure was not happy that I decided to tell the world and to prove me wrong in the last couple weeks he decided to start sleeping 9 hours straight some times up to 11 hrs. Next, rolling over. He just had no interest in the idea at all, and a couple days later he was rolling over from his back to his tummy a lot! Every once in a while he goes from front to back but I figure he likes tummy time so why roll back right? What a stinker!

Funny story: Back to sleeping, for some reason I was majorly stressing about how to work with him to put himself to sleep for naps and at night. Should I try the “Ferber method” and have him cry it out? Maybe the “No Tears” method because I’m a softy? Or just skip it all together. I was not exactly ready to move him to the nursery and have him be a big boy and put himself to sleep but I knew it was time. I read a couple different ideas that Doctors, RN’s and Moms had and just flat out gave up and thought to myself I am just going to see what happens! So for his next nap that same day, I laid him down in his crib when he was drowsy, walked away for minute and hoped he would do OK. I only heard some babbling and cooing to his friends on his mobile and eventually it was silent. I peeked my head in and what do you know, he was out like a light! Daxton has successfully been putting himself to sleep with no struggles or little fussing for over 2 weeks. The best part is sometimes I get kind of sad and want cuddle and rock him to sleep… I do. I quickly learned that I need to stop stressing over these types of things and give Daxton a little credit for being a good little baby. I need to give a big thanks to Mr. Alligator, Whale, Polar Bear and Penguin for keeping Dax company while he dozes off.

4 Month appointment:

Time is sure flying! Dax had his 4-month appointment and it went great. Dax is our average baby in weight height being in the 50th percentile and growing like a weed! We got the okay from Dr. Horst to start rice cereal, so we are excited to get messy! He his hitting all his milestones wonderfully and he received his 2nd round of shots. For this round I had McKay hold him down and I planned on nursing him right after he got the shots hoping that it would calm him down. I am terrible and again assumed that he was going to break the glass in the building from his screaming. To my surprise he let out a big cry, dad picked him up and he just whimpered quietly in his dads arms for minute. I walked over with tears in my eyes because of how sweet he looked being coddled by his daddy and Dax gave me his darn cute half smile and mushed his face back into his dads chest. So cute and strong too!

Now all the fun we have around our home:

We love the bumbo and cute babies in beanies playing with a bee!

Couldn't live with out it!

Daxton got a surprise it the mail from his cousin Fisher, a Nemo! Fisher's fav and apparently Daxton's too! Its the perfect size and he loves holding it and sucking on it.

There are two ways I imagine Dax in my mind, one is a happy smiling baby and this one below when he is content and somber.

Two favorite fingers! I cant get them out of his mouth most of his pics look like this now.

Daxton loves loves his bumbo! He acts like a big boy sitting all by himself getting to watch us from a different view.

....he also enjoys watching Baby Einstein in it too. I think he looks like a happy old man sitting in a sofa in this pic.

Story time! How cute is this? I am surrounded by 3 cute boys!

He really likes this book and I am obsessed with getting robot books, toys, clothes etc... for Dax so I'm glad he likes it.

Its so darn cute when he is happy but when your are trying to get milk in his belly its hard to not respond back.


Sadey said...

Loved the update and all the pictures! Missed you at the family party but we're sure excited to see you guys soon! :) Love you!

Chelsea and Glen said...

He is so dang cute! I can't believe he is already 4 months!

Sarah said...

Glad he's sleeping so well for you! Thanks for the pictures.

Rachelle said...

Oh my goodness, the happy old man photo is the best! Daxton is getting so cute and so big! Will we get to see you at Christmas??