Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life! Christmas 2010

Christmas in Utah with our sweet baby boy was short and sweet. It took nine hours to get there but was well worth it. Here are the many things we got to do and memories for Christmas 2010.

· Daxton got lots of loves and snuggles from the whole family. We felt pretty lucky to be able to see most of the family and have Dax meet the entire Robinson side of the family. We got to meet beautiful baby Morgan who was born just one month after Dax so it was a treat meeting her, I imagine her a Dax will be great friends.

· We watched Despicable Me 5 times…yes 5 times because it’s hilarious! Oh Yeaaahhhh!

· McKay and I made Zuppa Toscana for the Christmas eve dinner.

· Dax sat on Santa’s lap.

· Went to lunch and did some shopping with Mark and Mary.

· McKay played bocce on the PlayStation at Jack’s house with the fam

· I got my Bosch mixer.

· McKay got a suit. He is the finest looking pharmacist ever!

· Daxton got his jumper, clothes and toys.

· We ate a lot of food and junk.

· We missed the Parry Family so much and thought about Fisher and cute baby Sage every day.

· We got some good sleep (not anticipated, considering Dax was in a different environment but he slept awesome)

· We sat around the Christmas tree with Gracie, Maggie, Dylan, Nana, Papa and Natalie on Christmas Eve and laughed really hard watching my nieces and nephew joke and goof around, they also performed some music that they learned in their choir class. Then Nana, Nat and I stayed up until 2 just chatting.

· We got to see our Nephew Jacksen do the funniest dance I have ever seen. (Jack you really need to post that on youtube)

· We ate at SmashBurger for dirt cheap with our Groupon.

· We listened to lots of music Christmas Day with the Family. All the siblings shared our different music tastes and why we liked them. This was so fun for us.

· We went to see Grammy Munson in her rehabilitation home and chatted with Aunt Kathryn too. It was nice to see that Grammy was doing well.

Most importantly, McKay and I got to share our pride and joy with everyone. It was so great to see how much our families love Daxton. It gave us a little glance of what’s to come in May when McKay graduates and we move back to UT.

Dax loved Santa! Who would've thought! McKay sat him in his lap and he just snuggled right up and probably would of taken a snooze.

He liked Mrs. Clause even more and she liked him. She and Santa joked that they would take Daxton to the North Pole with them.

All of Daxton's Cousins
My Dad and Mom have invited Santa to our home every Christmas Eve for years and I always remember imagining this day and this photo with our own child in his lap.

Nana and Papa StikaGetting some love from Uncle Jack

Just about to fall asleep in Aunty Natalie arms. I love this pic Natalie looking all cute and Dax thinking he is a blow fish.
About 5 seconds later. Out like a light!Dax got a his rain forest jumperoo from Nana and Papa.

He was not so sure at first but finally found out that there were lots of noises and colors to listen to and look at.

Dax got lots of great things for Christmas ...well, we all did. We feel very lucky to have such great families that love Dax so much.

I guess Sammy needed to wake Dax up to tell him it was Christmas Eve morning. We thought it was pretty funny that he needed to check on him even during naps.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy New Year!

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