Saturday, January 15, 2011

Doubled in weight! Double the fun!

The first taste. New textures and new flavors (well kinda it is only rice cereal)

I think he likes it......
Maybe not.......
Yep! He loves it. He is like a little bird and keeps his mouth wide open and kicks his legs until you place more in his mouth, eats it right up and open goes his mouth again. Feeding him is fun, messy and quit hilarious.

Our little birdie

Making the bed with mom.

Pretty blue eyes Daxton. Nice bed head Dad!

We are in Ut at McKays parents home while McKay does his 3rd to last rotation so we are getting lots of good family time in.

This does require a lot of time in the car seat buzzing around town seeing family and friends. He is starting to realize that he doesn't like being in his car seat so much.

He loves Great Grammy! We are very lucky to see sweet grammy a couple times a week.

Dax has this giraffe and we take it everywhere we go. He just holds on to it tight and gives it some good munching when he gets bored. This was also our last day at work. Bitter sweet I guess.

New things! Sucking his thumb.

Yelling and squealing. This started a couple days ago while in St. George. He isn't necessarily mad, but figured out he likes the sound of it I guess.
Feeling the top of his head.

Here we have Sammy feeling of course neglected but still a happy pooch just to be here.


Sarah said...

He sure is a photogenic little dude. Congrats on being done working!

Chelsie and Trace said...

He is so cute!! We need to get together when you are in Utah!