Thursday, February 10, 2011

1st day back to cowboy country!

Our first day back home to Wyoming is a success! Why you ask? Well, let me tell you…

1st Daxton sits up all by himself! He falls over after a min or so but does a great job using his balancing skills and when they fail him (which it does quit often) he uses his hands to hold himself up. When he gets really excited it’s all over he forgets and topples right over. He is getting so big.

2nd His naps are very consistent. 2 hrs twice a day. Coming from UT and having lots of new noises and just plain being busy with other activities with family and friends, naps were whenever we could get them in. So go Dax!

3rd We are just so happy to be in our nice warm home with McKay being on some sort of normal schedule, kind of a 8 to 5. We have never experienced this EVER! He gets to come home from teaching his class at UW everyday for lunch too! We love our Daddy.

Being in UT with everyone was quit the treat for us. We had so much fun and did so much . Thanks to both parents for letting us stay in your homes. We will never forget that experience.

All the stuff we did in UT will be in a later post when I get some time very soon.

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allison said...

Yay, glad to have you back! We should get our kiddos together sometime!