Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Half Birthday today Daxton! .....what? Its moms birthday too?

Wow, We can’t believe that our baby Daxton is a ½ year old already. He is growing like a weed! He is 16 lbs. now and he eats a lot, sits up and when he has something to hold on to, he stands up without any help. McKay and I have a bet going on about when he will crawl. McKay thinks he will be crawling sooner I do. While on his tummy he pushes up with his hands and lunges with his feet to move around and tries so hard, but I still think it will be a month or so before he gets moving around. I would rather him not be crawling while we are with my family in Mexico in March. Unfortunately I it’s not up to me though.

“ODD THINGS” We LOVE about our Daxton.

Dax is very resilient. There have been several times that he has been bonked, scratched, stepped on (by Sam), scared etc…. and we freeze waiting for him to cry. Instead he furrows his eyebrows and brushes it off. Even when he gets his shots he’s tough and cries less than we expect. He is one strong dude.

Dax loves strange things. For example, he is turning into an adrenaline junkie. Scare him; throw him in the air or blow air in his face, he loves it! When we play fetch with Sam and he returns the ball back to us with Dax in our lap, Dax starts kicking and squealing like crazy. You can see the fear in his face for a moment, but he loves it.

Another strange thing he loves is anything cold. He likes being cold, sucking on ice cubes or cans of Diet Coke and when blow cold air on him when changing his diaper, he squeals and does his own unique laugh (I will explain next).

Dax has a hard time laughing and giggling. In Utah, everyone kept trying to make him laugh, but failed every time. He has this very low, cartoon like voice when he is babbling away, so we found out that when he is tickled or excited he makes this low, grunting, yelling noise. It is a very unique laugh for sure. For how happy and smiley Dax is we thought giggling would be common, but as with all the other odd things he does, it suits him well.

Food, lets start with the food that he likes.

Bananas, prunes, avocado, sweet potatoes, rice cereal and oatmeal plain or mixed with fruits or veggies, applesauce, green beans, pears, peaches, squash……etc. Get the picture? He eats and loves everything except 2 things, formula and peas. He will actually eat the peas but does so with disgust. He gets so excited when I get out his bowl and spoon and prepare his food. He starts panting like puppy and throws his arms around.

Daxton loves his Sammy and wants to watch him every chance he gets. Sam, on the other hand, is hot and cold with Dax. Sometimes Sam avoids Dax or looks at him with annoyance and walks away. Other times he lets Dax touch and roll around with him. There have even been a few times when Sam will play tug of war with Dax. All in all, Sam is great with Dax and is not aggressive at all, thank goodness. They will be best buds someday, especially when Dax learns to throw the ball and crawl around with him.

Today is my birthday and I must say, it is one that I will never forget. Daxton came down with a cold the last night and needless to say, it was a rough night. After the bad night, he was so snuggly and needy for us all day. Snuggles from Dax was the best Birthday present ever! Thanks buddy! McKay was here the whole day too, which is something we aren’t used to. The last year of pharmacy school if McKay wasn’t catching up on studying, he was working at the pharmacy, which isn’t the ideal way to spend a Saturday in my opinion. For my birthday McKay made me breakfast, gave me a massage and took care a Dax so I could take a nap. For dinner all my favs pizza, Diet Cokes and ice cream. Thanks for the best birthday ever McKay and Dax. I love being a mom and wife, and look forward to many birthdays with you guys in the future.

Big Baby Blues
"Hey who's that"

"It's my buddy Sammy"
(sam is not in the pic but thats who he is lookin at)

He really loves his puppy

Daxton is great at standing up if he has something to hold or lean on.

"Hey Mom!"

We got to have dinner a couple of times in UT with Great Grandpa Robinson

Aunt Chris came by with a great toy that Dax loves!

All clean!

Daxton is such a great helper with the laundry and is happy to do it too.

Morning time and tug of war with Sammy

...and loves from him too

In UT my two mother hen nieces played and took care a Daxton every time they came over. Here we have them giving him his nightly bath and they even changed all of his diapers while they were there.

"Ahhh thanks guys for helping me get squeaky clean!"

Enjoying the attention

Loves to feel the water running on his hands

Maggie, Dax and Gracie. Thanks for all the help you two!


Glen said...

I can't believe how big he is already! George was crawling at six months and with Daxton already lifting himself up, he'll probably be crawling pretty soon! Good luck!

Chelsea and Glen said...

Sorry, that was me, not Glen....


Franky said...

So glad that you all had a Happy Birthday. Atta boy McKay, but you make the rest of us look bad by being so good to your sweetheart.