Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who are you and what have you done with my baby!

3 days after we got back to WY Daxton came down with a terrible head cold….blahhh! It was terrible, in fact he is still coughing, but at least he is much happier. Once the cold was over I was thrilled to have my happy baby back, but instead, he decided that since he had all this attention during the night while he was sick, he was not about to give that up. Thus my problem, Daxton will not sleep through the night anymore. I went from a baby that was sleeping 10-12 hrs a night to waking up wanting food twice or more a night! On top of that he is too strong to be swaddled, so every time he gets his arms free he is wide-awake and not happy. Now we are weaning him from the swaddle which he as actually doing well. He still takes three 2 hour naps a day so I’m hoping we can take advantage of those to help break his swaddle habit.

We had Daxton’s 6 month appointment this week and got some interesting news. Daxton is now in the 5th percentile for his weight, which breaks my heart. His pediatrician gave me some tips to get him to eat more but he is still just my little birdie eater. McKay tells me not to worry too much because we are both pretty small people and we were small babies. Luckily he is healthy, but I can’t let it go and I am worrying out of my mind. To change things I decided to introduce formula more firmly with him but he is not having it! This has been so frustrating because it has never been a problem that we have had to deal with and it is unsettling that his weight percentile is continually dropping. I am going to keep trying to work with bottle feeding and nursing to see how it goes.

On a lighter note! Daxton is super fun and awesome during the day and like I said, his naps are perfect. He loves his jumperroo more and more all the time. Sitting up is getting better and now he is able to rock back and forth on his hands and knees. I am still holding out that he will not crawl before Mexico.

He loves his jumperoo

"What are you lookin at frog!"
Dax does this a lot realizing that there is some crazy frog eying him, so Dax decides that he will have a stare down with him. Makes me laugh!

"Ha ha I won the stare contest!"

While Daxton was not feeling well he was very snuggly

These moments are best seeing how much Dax loves his daddy.

Anybody that has spent even a little time with Dax knows that anything that you are putting up to your mouth he thinks he has to have it too. He was trying so hard to get this cupcake and it got as far as getting just on his face.

He's pretty strong and determined to get it. Can ya blame him?
..... same with our drinks he likes to suck on the outside because they are cold and obviously he can see we're drinking it.

McKay joked we are just starting him early! Of course he didn't get any!

Thanks for your help Vicks, nose sucker, Tylenol, saline drops humidifier and Puffs but hopefully I wont see you all for a while. Gezzzz having a sick baby stinks!


allison said...

I agree that having a sick baby stinks! And I'm sorry about Daxton's weight, and I don't know if it will make you feel any better, but it is seriously ok! As long as he is eating, and gaining weight (even if he's dropping in the percentile) it's ok. Claire was the same way and for a while, her weight wasn't even on the growth chart. It's heartbreaking and I know you probably blame yourself (I did anyway), but seriously don't let it get to you. You can't force your kid to eat, so just try all the tips and tricks that you got from the doctor, but try not to let it consume your life.

Franky said...

Still our happy little Dax;-)!

Sarah said...

Ugh, I feel your pain! He still looks happy in every single picture though. He is seriously so stinking cute. Have you done a search for Boise jobs?