Saturday, August 13, 2011

You've had a birthday shout hooray!

Our biggest boy is turning ONE!  After a year Dax has become quite a character.  We have put together a list of fun and interesting things about Dax.

Daxton will eat just about everything we give him but here is a list of his favorites: Cheese, Mac n Cheese, strawberries, bananas, pears, Jess’s special spaghetti with meat and veggie sauce, Café Rio quesadillas, Costco pizza, all breads and of course, CAKE!   He has finally passed 20lbs and is getting so big.

Daxton says the funniest things.  Of course he says “momma “, “dadda”, “na na” and “go go” all the time. He loves to say “wow” usually with amazement.   He say “sish” instead of fish for cousin fisher.  He loves mimicking animals and has been perfecting “moo”, “woof”, “meow” and “rawr”.  He loves to say “uh oh” and tends to say it over and over as he drops things.  He likes to say “ball” and “dog” when he plays with Sam.

Dax has so many things he loves to do.  He loves to be around his family.  Every time we get together he tries to jump out of our arms and into theirs.  When it comes to family, the more the merrier in Dax’s eyes. He loves to go outside and play in the grass and dirt.  Speaking of playing, dinnertime can be quite a messy adventure.  He is a great eater but he also likes to play with his food and makes quite a mess.  Getting messy usually leads to another favorite activity, which is getting in the tub or swimming pool.  His favorite thing of all is to read books.  Give him a book and he is satisfied for a long time.  His favorite books are The Monster at the End of this Book with Grover, Find the Puppy and Barnyard Dance.  Much to dad’s disappointment Dax does not like Goodnight Moon, but neither does mom.

Now for a couple of the most fun and goofy things Dax does.  He loves to play patty cake by clapping his hands and then the big finale of throwing it in the oven by tossing his hands high over his head. He loves to give high fives and play tug-o-war with Sam.  He still loves to do fake laughs and coughs which usually turns into real laughing that is uncontrollable.  He loves to be thrown in the air, turned upside down and twirled around.  Sometimes dad will put Dax in his office chair and spin him around.  Finally Dax loves to chase others and be chased himself.  Almost every night before bed we chase each other until we are out of breath and its time to go to sleep.  He becomes more and more curious everyday in trying to find out what is behind every cupboard, in every drawer and pulls EVERYTHING out.  We love this BOY!

Kristina Curtis Photography took his year birthday pics and they turned out great!

Our Little Birthday Montser!

Going to play in the pool

Just hangin out in the back yard

Stepping with his daddy

Oh man, this is a new obsession.

He thinks he is pretty funny

Loves to brush his teeth. Such a good boy :)

Playing on the bridge at Nana and Papa's home

One of his favorite foods! Spaghetti with meat and veggie sauce....YUM!

He is such a fun little guy to have around even when he is getting into all sorts a trouble.

Mom and Dad love you so much and enjoy seeing you grow and learn everyday! Your are such a sweet spirit to have in our home.  You are a beautiful blessing in our lives and you bring happiness to the lives of so many others.  Everything we do is for you and our little family.  Happy Birthday "Buster Blue Eyes"

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