Monday, October 3, 2011

Late Summer Activities

The Zoo

McKay finally had a normal day off besides Sunday so we went to the Zoo with my parents.

Dax is as big as a juvenile monkey apparently.

Watching the elephants

This fan/mister was there to cool everyone off and Dax thought it felt good.
Utah State Fair
He was walking by then and was pretty dang proud of himself.

Here he is also very proud for getting the nerve to pet the animals

The really big livestock made him pretty nervous

...but clearly enjoyed the small baby ones :)

...and especially enjoyed the fake ones he could play on

Nana, Dax and Papa with the award winning large pumpkins

When he first started to walk he would stick his arms straight out like Frankenstein. It was pretty hilarious.

We couldn't pry him away from these bucket noise makers.

Sharing his fruit with his cousin Gracie

We went to the Cowabunga Bay water park right next to our house with most of Daxton's cousins and my big brother Jake

The water park was perfect for little kids. The water was warm and the slides weren't too big and scary
Maggie, Dylan and Grace going around the lazy river

River taking Dax around the lazy river

Just eating some grub in between playing in the water

This very shallow wading pool was awesome for Dax. We hung out here most of the time.

Checking out the slides. He went down one with me and a couple with Gracie and Jake

Reading a book with his uncle Jake while we dried off.

All the kids going though the Jelly Bellys left over from Dax's B-day

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Cherry said...

So fun!!!! He sure is getting big!!!