Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm so BIG!

Kristina Curtis took his first yr/birthday pics and did a great job! To forewarn you I put a ton up but in my defense I had 90 to choose from! :)  Here is our goofy sweet boy.

I worked so hard on this cake all for him to destroy it in like 3 min. Totally worth it :)

I know I already put up a post for his 1st yr but wanted to add some of his stats for this post for his memory book.

Weight- 21 lbs
He has 6 teeth and loves to brush them.
Sleep like a champ. He averages 10 hrs a night plus 2 naps. He is so nice to me.
I stopped nursing him and he didn’t even seem to notice or care one bit. I guess that was a good thing to have him weaned off so easily but made me kind of sad.
He’s very active by crawling around very fast stink bug style and is extremely entertained by going up and down the stairs and on and off the couches.
He NEEDS to look in your eyes sometimes and to make sure that happens he will physically turn your head by turning it with his hand, make eye contact and give you the biggest grin.
No solid walking yet. He stands by himself and can take several steps he just refuses to commit.
He makes the happiest and sweetest face when Dad comes home.
Loves being chased and chasing others
Plays tug a war with Sam
Is fascinated by the water. He could play in it all-day and we’re sad to see summer ending.
He knows how to throw a tantrum. They seem fake because he just loves to yell really loud and throw his arms around.
Now that he’s 20lbs he enjoys being faced forward in the car.
He loves everyone and hates to see people leave. An example is, when we were at his 12 month appointment when other patients would leave the waiting room he would get really sad and when the nurses would come and leave the room which seemed a lot, he would start whining. He’s so social.


Sadey said...

All these pictures are so stinkin cute Jess! I think I need you to teach me how you made this cute cake! I've got like 3 baby showers for my friends coming up that I need to do cakes for and I really don't want to buy em all! You're so talented!

ARob said...

How cute!!! That's a darling cake! I love all the pictures!