Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The pics are all out of order, but here's a quick run down of what we did.

My Parents always take the grand kids down to Vegas for fall and spring break and this was the first year we got to go. (McKay excluded of course)

It was a great break from the everyday stuff we do in UT. The 4 day included lots and lots of swimming, eating lots of good food and for me, getting to relax by the pool being paranoid of people thinking "Is she fat, or pregnant?" So when you see the pics below, remember, there is baby in that gut :)

I also enjoyed meeting up with Maren at Maggianos for some good food and most of all the fried zucchini.
My parents and I ended the trip with my first trip to H&M. I found out it is basically the most dangerous store for most women. I got Dax some dang cute fall clothes and maybe made some purchases for myself too.

He just laid there like that and chilled.

We also took half a day and went to see the new bridge that was just built over the Hoover Dam. Very big, high and impressive.

We are not really sure what was so funny but he started laughing and being a real big ham. Maybe the heat was getting to him.

Here is Gracie basically making her mom very nervous :)

Taking a break in the shade

Again, more swimming.....

There was a great shallow area for Dax to play in.

He still would go too deep and if he fell would possibly go under so I had to stay arms length from him.

I would dunk him under and he actually liked it. He learned how to hold his breath.

He'd jump right in if I'd let him.

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