Sunday, November 6, 2011

October Fun

We did lots of busy fun activities this month to celebrate fall, so do I even need to explain that there are lots of pics? I always put too many pics. Sorry ☺

McKay's mom went with us to Corn Bellys at Thanksgiving Point and it was a blast! All the activities seemed as though they were going to be too big and advanced for Dax, but he proved us wrong by keeping up with the big boys!

Playing in the train

He thinks he is being such a big boy

These jumping things were really strange but turned out so fun for Dax. I thought he would be scared to go play on them, but what isn't this kid afraid of?

Looking for gold, or just feeling the cold water
All the slides were a big hit with Dax as you can see by the pics
He could go down by himself

Going down on his tummy was his favorite part

It was McKay's favorite part too. I love this picture, it makes me so happy.

We all went down the big slides

Dax loved going down by himself like this. Only with these big ones Go Go always caught him at the bottom.

McKay was so thrilled to go down this one

We would chase Dax up and down this big tunnel

Sometimes he would get so excited he would drop on his belly and just laugh like this

Climbing to the top!

I was interested to see what he would do in these mini corn mazes and he ended up thinking it was pretty fun to make the choice of left or right, keep going or turn around.

He didn't get the the whole trick or treating thing of course, but he did loved carrying his treat bag around, watching the other kids in their costumes and knocking on the doors. When he would knock and the person would open the door he would turn around and walk away but when got him back up there instead of taking a treat from them he would try and give them one of his treats. It was pretty cute.

Knock knock! Trick or Treat!

Sharing his candy when we were all done.

It was a successful night of Halloween.

It was Grammy's Birthday in October and we got to go celebrate with her at her rest home and have a little party with all the great grand kids.
Dax made a finger painting on a canvas for her. Here he is giving it to her. Happy Birthday Grammy!

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CKE said...

Jess, I love all the pictures! Your little boy is so cute! :)