Thursday, March 8, 2012

We are all growing!

Everyone is sure growing fast around here. Mckay's brain from all the great things he is learning in his residency. Me, for the obvious reason of a baby growing in me and being full term at 38wks, and of course Dax is growing like a weed! I cant believe how time flies.
This smile says it all for how happy he is and the joy he brings to everyone around him.

Dax is 18 months old already!
Where do I start with this little monster of ours?  He is such a good little boy who is so stinkin busy and so much fun.

He is in the 75% for his height and weighs 25 lbs. Basically, tall and skinny. We just took his 2nd nap away and it has been good so far. He sleeps about 10-11 hrs a night.
All of his teeth are in now except for the 4 canines and the back 4 molars. He sure loves to brush them.

Things I hope to never forget about him…

As busy as he is, he sure loves to snuggle. Even when he is running around the house like a busy toddler does, he always has time to stop, jump in my lap, lay his head down and give me sweet smile along with a kiss before he jumps back out and goes crazy again.

He’s very good and using a fork and spoon. You can see it in his face how proud of himself he is while he uses them. Most of the time he actually prefers to use them.

He’s probably the best tiger, monster or dinosaur I have ever heard or seen. (his imitation for them sounds the same for all three) He will crawl around the house several times during the day pretending he is one of them.

Wrestling with dad. When he knocks dad down he will run over and force his eyes open with fingers and squeal with excitement. 

Ready, Set, GO!!! is one of his favorite games. Though he does cheat a lot by yelling “GO” before you do because he just can’t handle the anticipation.

Favorite foods currently are, peanut butter on almost anything, yogurt, strawberries, bananas, mac ‘n cheese, and fruit loops. Of course he enjoys most cookies, crackers, chips and cereal which he calls all them “cackohs”.

When he finds his coats, McKay’s ties or our shoes he tries to put them on and waves bye bye.

Books are still a big part of the day except now he likes to read them to us instead.

He will tell you how old he is by throwing his index finger up and yelling “wuh!”

Ask him if he's strong and he will flex his muscles and grunt.

He is best buds with Sam. Sam doesn’t think so all the time, but Sam is very patient with him. They play fetch, chase each other around, crawl up and down stairs together and kisses of course. Dax learned how to be soft with Sam real quick and he calls is being “fof” He is VERY bossy with Sam and we are working on that although it is pretty funny.

Favorite movie is Tangled.

Being tickled kissed underneath his chin really gets him chuckling.

Rub behind his ear or his ear lob when he’s sleepy and it puts him right to sleep.

 His new favorite things to say are fish-sish, car- cah,  dump truck- Dumtuh, crackers- cackah, upstairs- up stah, down stairs- down down (pointing in the correct direction) Hello- ahwow, diaper-bypa, baby-bapee and juice-use.  He also talks A LOT as though he knows exactly what he is talking about very intensely waving his hands around. He also likes to whisper.

During prayers he folds his arms, bows his head and quickly say amen-"ahmem".

Dax loves to dance when he hears music anywhere.

Give him a piece of paper, tissue or TP and he is turns into a shredder. This keeps him focused and entertained for a good 15 min or more.

Going to the store is a lot of fun. He sits in the big part of the cart waving, flashing his big blue eyes with his big smile jabbering to anyone that will listen because of course he thinks everyone is his best friend.

Pretending to talk of the phone is hilarious. He gets pretty intense with his conversations. McKay and I can’t help but crack up.

Favorite songs: Patty Cake, ABC’s, and No more monkeys jumping on the bed.

Because of the new arrival of his little brother very soon, he got a baby of his own that he has grown to love. He will mimic everything I do with it like, swaddle it in a blanket, kiss it, pat it like I'm burping him, rocking and shushing it. It is so stinkin cute! I just hope he is as nice and soft with his real little brother.  (probably not)

Of course with all of these hilarious and fun things we get to enjoy with having a toddler around our house comes with its of share challenges. Tantrums, being bossy, and always testing us when mom and dad say “no.” 

It’s unbelievable how much love we have for him and enjoy watching him grow and learn so much everyday. If our next little guy is just like him we would be thrilled.

Being a big boy using his forks and spoons so well

Chewing on celery and ice with mom while watching a movie

Favorite spot to sit while munching on a favorite treat

Reading a book like always
Watching Tangled with his buddy

The first real snow

You can see the happiness in his eyes. I love this pic.

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