Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Soaking up every second....and the sun :)

Memorial weekend was a blast! We had so much fun and took advantage of every moment having McKay around.
Just chillin

He makes me smile

Roasting hot dogs

Grayson was a pro at watching us roast the dogs

He was pretty happy of course because he ate before us :)

My Munchkin

When we were done Dax got a butter knife put a piece of bun on it to roast. He got the idea!

Snugs with Grammy


Concentrating to get the "perfect" (coal covered burnt) roasted mallow.

Baby Gray even joined in!

Oh so very sticky

Dax played patty cake and he liked the feeling of his hands sticking together. Here he is marking it with a "D"

Swings are his favorite

I'd say the weekend was a success! Yeah?

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Sarah said...

I love that picture of Dax toward the top in the blue shirt - goes so well with his beautiful red hair!