Thursday, June 28, 2012

The time has come!

I always imagined what this day would be like, how I would feel and now its finally here. To be honest its bitter sweet since these last 8 yrs were such a huge chunk of our life and we learned so much from each other with the experiences that we have been through.

This graduation was much different than when he graduated with his Doctorate degree from UW. It was a small group that included a yummy dinner, presenting the certificates and speeches. It was a beautiful evening so all the residents and preceptors went outside to take some pictures and say their goodbyes to the fellow residents that were taking jobs or PGY2’s in different states. I loved seeing the relationships McKay had built with all the other residency students, teachers and the director.

 We drove separate cars to the University of Utah campus, so when we left I got in my car and all could do is immediately reflect on the past 12 months of experiences that we just had good and bad. I couldn’t help but bawl like a baby. I felt so relieved and a bit terrified, but mostly relieved that it was all over. No more 75+ hr wks, no more late nights with McKay in our office til 2 in morning, and no more days that McKay would have to go without seeing his sons from leaving before they wake and getting home after they had gone to sleep. He has taken a job at the new South Jordan hospital as the MTM pharmacist working 4 -10 hrs shifts a week. Awesome right? I will take those 3 day weekends with my husband thank you very much! All I can think now is, “What am I going to do with him around all the time now?” (Insert evil laugh) It’s a good feeling. It’s a good life. I am one blessed lady.
Mckay accepting his PHY1 certificate and "swag bag" of super sweet stuff from UofU ;)

 Mckay's preceptor Brandon

McKay might kill me for putting this pic up. He was not too thrilled that they were making him be in the jumping picture. Brandon(Residency preceptor) and I were laughing so hard.

Goofy picture?

Words can not explain how happy I am.

Linda the pharmacy residency director of UofU

McKay M Robinson- Pharm D!!!!

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