Friday, July 6, 2012

Sweetness at 3 months

This little sweet thing is 3 months old and couldn't be more perfect. He is a total mama's boy and its clear that he knows when I am in the room or not. He loves a routine and when we stick to it he goes days, seriously days without fussing or crying. This means that he struggles with lots of stimulation and lots of family and friends wanting to hold him. (Totally opposite of Dax)  Sad. Of course I am more than happy to hold and comfort him since he is definitely the happiest and most kissable baby ever. 
Honestly, there are so many times I catch myself in a great position to set him down to play or nap, but choose to hold and rock him in my ever so relaxing glider. These are undoubtedly the happiest times of my life and I know these are the moments that I am going to miss the most. Looking in his bright blue eyes and his happy sweet face while he is awake and adoring me, or staring at his cute button nose, long eyelashes and pout lips as he snoozes away. 

Here are a few things and habits that makes up his fun little personality.

He gives us this look a lot. I imagine he is feeling calm yet happy :)
~He is now sleeping 6-8hrs at night.
~Eats every 4ish hrs during the day and he prefers it in  silence with me laying down on the bed. It's not easiest thing with a crazy 22 month old running around.
~He didn't like his car seat when he was about 2 months old but we ended up getting a new one and he loves it now.

He sleeps best laying on his side
~He loves going for car rides, walks in the stroller and trips to the grocery store watching all the fun things as they go by.
~Enjoys going to the park watching the trees and feeling the cool breeze while I play on the playground and swings with Dax. 
Dax is sure lucky that he lets me. 
~Gray is a huge fan of his baths. A handful of times he has actually fallen asleep during them and the others he is super happy and splashing. Giving Gray baths is probably one of my top favorite things to do to him.
This is how he falls to sleep holding his hands.....

.......and he's out!

Sitting up on the couch like a big boy!
He thinks his big brother is pretty cool. He watches Dax everywhere he goes and giggles when Dax tickles his toes. Speaking of tickling, he is very ticklish especially under his arms and collar bone.
Gray loves it when his big brother helps buckle him in his cars seat
This makes both of them smile soooo big

Off to church! He's so handsome.

Tummy time is so much better especially when Dax and Dad join in to watch Baby Einstein 

This is how we sometimes go grocery shopping. We live close enough to a Harmons so we walk there and throw the groceries underneath. They love it.

Easy getting my peanut to smile

We call these next pictures "bink smiles." We love them because when he smiles with the binky in his mouth you can see his smile through his eyes.

"Bink Smiles"


McKell said...

Oh my word, those are some dang sweet pictures! He is honestly one of the cutest little babies ever! Seeing these make me excited to be having a sweet little baby boy :)

Sarah said...

I love reading about how happy you are to be these boys' mother. You do a great job expressing your love for them!

Adam and Hilary said...

soo cute!~