Monday, July 30, 2012


 This was my favorite pic that was taken that day. Maggie teaching Dax to put his hand over his heart. Such a good girl.

Rockin the Red, White and Blue!

To celebrate Pioneer Day Dax along with most of his cousins slept over at their Nana and Papa’s house for 2 nights in Mapleton.
They played games, watched movies and ended up all sleeping in the family room. Apparently, Dax did really well sleeping on floor with everyone. This makes me extremely happy and reminds me of when I was little spending the night at my Grandpa’s house with my brothers and cousins all the time. They’re some of my greatest memories.

The next morning they were all awakened by the fire engines driving around town with their sirens on alerting everyone to wake up for the raising of the flag, the fireman’s pancake breakfast and to start the day!
Mckay, Grayson, Sammy and I woke up and made it down to Mapleton for the quaint and little parade, but most of all to kiss and give our little man a squeeze!

The parade is very short and kinda boring, so basically perfect for Dax. Plus, it goes right in front of my parent’s house.
We spent most of the day hanging out in the back yard playing in the water, throwing grapes really high in the air catching them in our mouths, eating lots of good food but pretty much just chatting with family and friends all day.
That evening we set off some pretty small fireworks in the driveway
 then we all jumped the back of my dads truck to head over to the town fireworks.
Mapleton is known for and becoming more popular for its fireworks. For good reason too! They're super awesome and loud. Not only does Dax love them, but also they’re very relaxing for him. Actually, Dax and Gray both fell asleep in the middle of them. 

The highlight of the day for me was that Grayson was going to everyone and letting anyone play, snuggle an even put him to sleep most of the day. He's not so much of a momma's boy anymore. Bittersweet. (sniffle sniffle)

Mapleton’s Pioneer day is a fun tradition for my family. I always looked forward to it growing up and love seeing my own kids enjoying it now.

Coleman holding Lil' G. That's what all of Jacks kids call him.

Dax stomping on the snaps. If they didn't pop when he threw them he was more than happy to go jump on them :)
He saw some of the older kids snapping them with their fingers and tried to copy them. It didn't work.

Grace and Gray are quit the pair!

Watching the parade

Gracie, Dylan, Jacksen, Dax and Maggie

Gray liked the parade too!

Best seats around! Not only were they in the shade on the porch, but in the laps of Nana and Papa!

Pretty sure Papa enjoyed Lil' G  more than the parade

Waving to all the pretty girls!

Coolin off in the pool. All his cousins are so good to him by helping him with EVERYTHING;) I love it!

"Throw the ball to ME!"

Lovin on his Nana

Look at Gracie's face. I love it! Grayson was smiling then making really sad faces. I'm guessing by Gracie's face right here, Gray was being sad :(

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Amy Anderson said...

Such cute pictures! I can't believe how big Gray is! Just a few weeks until we'll be in UT and can meet him in person!