Saturday, July 28, 2012

4th of July

Over the 4th of July we were up at Zermatt enjoying the nice weather with McKay's parents and his sister's family. We packed in tons of fun stuff like....... fishing, trips to the park, the fireman's pancake breakfast, swimming, the Park City parade and so much more!!!! McKay had just finished his residency so all this good family fun was much needed. It was so much fun having him around without him worrying about projects and papers pertaining to the residency.
Dax liked to reel in the fishing hook
...but he liked playing with the worms more. If you look close enough at his mouth you can see he even tried to taste one!

That's our boy! Skinned knees playing with the dirt and worms!

Grandpa Mark showing Dax the fish jumping in the water.

It was so pretty up there.

Park city parade waving their flags!

Gray even had his own flag to wave around....or slobber on.

I spent most of the time snuggling with my sweetie here in the shade during the parade

Later that night we went home and set off some fireworks with friends in the neighborhood. Lucky for us Dax and Grayson loved them. 

There were a couple of huge loud ones that I was sure Gray would freak out over, but he must be like his big brother. The bigger and louder the BETTER!

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