Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Discovery Gateway

We love this place wayyyyy too much! I actually just found out that they got the funds they needed by donation to build one at Thanksgiving Point. Hurray! When we move into our new home in Saratoga Springs we will be less than 10 minutes away from it. We could honestly spend more than half a day here and we basically did this time. We went for a couple hrs, left to have lunch, then came back for another hr or so. I love watching Dax's imagination and little body go a hundred miles per hr. It seems like he always enjoys different things each time we go too. This trip he spent a lot of time on the 2nd level which is were we sometimes don't even go. It's more for older kids.

Construction zone 

Hanging out with my bebe!

He cleared out the pretend vegetable oil and laundry detergent, although, he did get a banana and baguette in his cart too. This is always my favorite section.
This is in the 2nd level more for older kids. It was fun for McKay to play with him here.

He would say "YES!" along with a fist pump when the ball would go down their ramp.

Lol! Goofy Grayson.

Pretty happy to join in on the fun.

The helicopter was a huge hit. 

Snuggles on the news! 

Future weather man right there!

He was pretty wore out by the end of the day. We all were.

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