Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall is in the air!

A couple of weeks ago we decided we'd finally go and hike the Grotto up Payson canyon. I have been wanting to go on this trail for some time now and I am sure happy that it was the fall season when we made it.

This was Dax's 1st hike that he was out of the carrier and it was perfect for him since the trail was pretty short and not too many difficult things for Dax to conquer. My brother's family joined us, along with their super awesome and helpful kiddos.

I can't even explain how happy it makes me to be with McKay and our kids in the mountains. The air was crisp and fresh, the views were beautiful and the company was exceptional! 

At the trail head

As you can see the trail is well maintained
He was happy to have a helping hand while he crossed, but soon realized that he was capable of doing it on his own.  Dad knew he was not and made sure he was there by his side while they balanced across them.

Dax LOVED all the bridges.

A cave in the back part of the falls. I cant remember if Dax liked it or not. I do remember him wanting to splash in the water, thus the upset face he's making.

"Geese, Deyine and Geegee" or "Guys!" is what Dax calls them
Our attempt to get a family picture....sigh.... I guess we need to start going with the candid-like shots since Dax will NOT smile when he knows we want him to.

Gray loved it!

Dax was running so fast back down. All I could do is laugh at how funny he looked since he has not mastered the art of running.

This hill was actually pretty steep. (you cant tell by the pic)

 He liked sliding down on his butt like a slide

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