Friday, November 2, 2012

2 Little Corn Belly Boys

Last year we took Dax to Thanksgiving Points Corn Belly's. We had so much fun, so we decided we would do it again next year and couldn't wait. Last year while we were there we had recently found out that I was pregnant, so while we walked around we thought to ourselves how fun it would be to have this experience again with Dax and also with our new addition. We figured our baby would be 7 months old and not knowing the gender yet.

So here we are with our 2 fun and sweet boys! Where does time go? Dax ran around like the little wild boy that he is and sweet baby Gray enjoyed watching all the kids playing.

Such a corny kid ;)

He made it to the top of the haystack!

These tunnels were so much fun.

Watching the entertainment. It was kinda boring if ya can't tell by his face?

Playing in the wooden train

Peekaboo with Nana

Dax spent most of the time on these huge blobs full of air.

Love these boys!

Nana had the best job holding Grayson while we played with Dax

The gunny sack slide. It actually went really fast and Dax LOVED it.

It was kinda cold, so Grayson was not as smiley as usual, but happy still

Driving the cool bus!

My pretty boy

My newest Halloween decor! McKay disappeared for about 10 minutes. (I thought he went to the bathroom)  He has seen me look at these super cool spiders for years, seriously years and wanting one, but never willing to fork out the money. To my surprise it was sitting in our living room later than evening. It was so sweet of him to remember and want to surprise me with it.  Cool HUH?!?

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