Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Super Dax and The Chicken

For Halloween this year I decided I would make my boys their costumes. It ended up being a bigger task than I had imagined, but I have to say that they turned out pretty dang cute. I figured that each boy's costume sort of matched their personalities. Super Dax who is honestly fearless when it comes to just about anything and Grayson's, oh my.....do I really need to explain? He was probably the cutest little chicken I have ever seen and most people that saw him definitely agreed. These pics are from Nana and Papa's annual Halloween party.
The most tender chicken you have ever seen
The one and only marvelous Daxton!

His daddy adores him

"I fly up!"

The witches brew with dry ice is always a hit.

My hero :)

He can fly!!!!

This picture brought realization to me in what having little boys is all about.


Since McKay was in North Carolina for the week the kids and I packed up and went to Vegas to trick or treat there. I forgot my camera, but Mary got some that I will get from her soon.
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

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Amy Anderson said...

So cute! I love the costumes! Great pictures!