Thursday, December 20, 2012

27 months

Dax at 27 months = Craziness, Craziness and more craziness!

Our snugs rarely stops, but when he does, he stops hard.  Sleeps like rock and naps like a rock.
He is again taking 2 naps a day. Now that winter is in full force and we don't leave the house much, this is great for me.

 I can understand about 1/2 of what he says yet others do not understand a word. It's quit funny because he talks A LOT. His favorite things to say as of today are: 
"Thomas the Train"
"Hey guys!"
"Is it_(insert object_?"
"I watch it"
"Cheek" that means kiss on the cheek
"You stay there"
"I be right back"
"Ho Ho Ho!"
He loves the ABCs and knows most of the letters, but his favorite letters are, A B C D M O P T and S he usually points them out in random places and books.

Loves elephants.

Throws down chocolate chip pancakes like champ and can spit out broccoli like its no ones business.

He wants to pray at the table about 5 times each meal. His prayers usually consist of listing off family members while sneaking bites of food.

He recently went to his first BYU basketball game with his Dad, Papa and cousins. He loved the cheerleaders the most and apparently every time they came out to perform, everybody said they have never seen Dax smile that big and dance that fast.

Built his first wait, I built it while he ate the snow and thew snowballs at Sammy. He did help after I was all done by patting it a few times, rubbing his belly (for good luck I'm assuming) and kissing it.

He loves to help in the kitchen a lot still, mostly to help mix whatever I am preparing. He's getting pretty good at it too.

Enjoys trips to Costco to look at everything. When he sees things that catch his eye he'll gasp for air and yell, "Oh, is it____!" I love giving him all the samples of food and treats. It's fun seeing what he ends of liking or not liking. If he doesn't like it he gets the heebie jeebies and says "guck!"

We end the shopping spree with hot dogs, pizza and D.C. for me.

He's still our little Snuggle Bug. I love how affectionate he is with us and others. A little tender heart for sure. Love HIM!
My big helper!

Getting things done around the house takes a lot longer, but we stay busy.

Finish it off with some hot snow! (white hot chocolate)


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Sarah said...

He does sound like the sweetest kid. Thanks for sharing.