Thursday, June 28, 2012

The time has come!

I always imagined what this day would be like, how I would feel and now its finally here. To be honest its bitter sweet since these last 8 yrs were such a huge chunk of our life and we learned so much from each other with the experiences that we have been through.

This graduation was much different than when he graduated with his Doctorate degree from UW. It was a small group that included a yummy dinner, presenting the certificates and speeches. It was a beautiful evening so all the residents and preceptors went outside to take some pictures and say their goodbyes to the fellow residents that were taking jobs or PGY2’s in different states. I loved seeing the relationships McKay had built with all the other residency students, teachers and the director.

 We drove separate cars to the University of Utah campus, so when we left I got in my car and all could do is immediately reflect on the past 12 months of experiences that we just had good and bad. I couldn’t help but bawl like a baby. I felt so relieved and a bit terrified, but mostly relieved that it was all over. No more 75+ hr wks, no more late nights with McKay in our office til 2 in morning, and no more days that McKay would have to go without seeing his sons from leaving before they wake and getting home after they had gone to sleep. He has taken a job at the new South Jordan hospital as the MTM pharmacist working 4 -10 hrs shifts a week. Awesome right? I will take those 3 day weekends with my husband thank you very much! All I can think now is, “What am I going to do with him around all the time now?” (Insert evil laugh) It’s a good feeling. It’s a good life. I am one blessed lady.
Mckay accepting his PHY1 certificate and "swag bag" of super sweet stuff from UofU ;)

 Mckay's preceptor Brandon

McKay might kill me for putting this pic up. He was not too thrilled that they were making him be in the jumping picture. Brandon(Residency preceptor) and I were laughing so hard.

Goofy picture?

Words can not explain how happy I am.

Linda the pharmacy residency director of UofU

McKay M Robinson- Pharm D!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life of a 19-21 month old boy

Its funny how I actually wrote most of this blog. I kept my laptop open and when Dax would do or say anything throughout the day that was blog worthy for his memory album I would just type it down really quick. Problem is that it makes for a very long blog since he’s so stinking busy and hilarious(and I am super behind on this sorta thing). This will be my new way of getting this fun and new stuff down that my kids are currently doing.
So here is what this crazy kid is up to!

Vocabulary is still a little slow if you have to take into consideration understanding him, but sheesh he has his own language! He talks, jabbers and chats to everyone and anything ALL DAY LONG! From the cute girl at the store, to his dinosaurs in his room and especially Sam.  Dax will go on and on like he knows exactly what he’s talking about, because he does right?

On a good day he will try and say about 75% of the words that I ask him to say, but not always successful. On a bad day he is stubborn and will only smile and jabber on about something that he wants to talk about.

Some of his new words we actually understand are:

Bubbles –bubas
Milk- gulk
Cheese he says perfectly
Walk- wawa
Grammy- gram
Don’t touch! He unfortunately says perfectly (not awesome)
I sit
I do or I did
Hello and Hey with added person “hey mum” or hey nana”
Flower- Flawee
Butterly- baflafla
Circle- curl curl
Line- yine
Mac’n cheese- Ma cheese
Slide- side
Swing- sing
Gummy- Goomy

Playing in the water is a must. He likes to blow bubbles, dunk his head under and put his ear in to listen to it.
 Funny story. On Father’s day Dax was going down the slide into the pool and I asked him to hold his head under water. He then thought for a second, went over to the slide and “held” his head with his hands and went down the slide. He continued to hold his head while going down the slide the rest of the day. We all laughed so hard our stomachs hurt.

Interactions with Grayson are soooo much better. He’s actually acknowledging him.
Grayson is such a trooper
He tickles his toes
Helps me get him in his car seat by buckling the chest clip, I finish buckling him in and then Dax tucks his blanket and gives him his binky.
Loves to give him lots of air kisses still.
Helps me wipe his bum during diaper changes
Likes to hold him only this does not happen very often.
Grayson will kick his hanging toys on his play mat and it makes Dax laugh uncontrollably, which then makes Grayson very happy and gives us little giggles. (That was the first time Gray giggled. It was so cute!)
If possible he likes to lay down with Gray
Grayson LOVES this when Dax helps buckle him in.

 Dax loves participating with tummy time for Gray and yes, Dax still fits in the bumbo.

He’ll eat almost anything as long as he can dip it, which he calls “dip dip!” Although he recently has decided he is not going to eat a lot any more. He is just my little birdie eater.

Helps me put most of the light groceries on the conveyer belt at the store, then helps me bring the items in from the car and always puts them in front of fridge. This takes a lot of time but he loves it!

Folds his arms at the table before we eat and will repeat Amen after we say it except he says “Ahhhhhem”

He’s is tall and skinny with crazy red hair and bright blue eyes!

Swings on the big boy swings. He fell out once but got right back in and has been a pro since.

He loves to do everything at the kitchen table now. Color, eat, watch Baby Einstein etc...
Always getting dirty and making a mess in the dirt or flour or toothpaste or anything he can get his hands on.

Nickname is Snugs since loves to snuggle(unlike my other son)

Likes to go up and down our stairs without holding my hands now. This drives me crazy!

His favorite movie is still Tangled and when we try and put something else on he brings us the remote indicating that he wants to put Tangled back on.

Favorite cartoon is Super Why. He will listen to the characters sound out the letters in the word that they’re spelling and he'll actually sound it out after them. I love watching him do this.

Being a good sleeper by 1 napping once a day about 2hrs long and he sleeps at night from about 8pm-7am. I cant complain too much I guess. Although when we brought Grayson home from the hospital Dax was sleeping until 9!!! That only lasted about 2 wks but oh what I wouldn't do to get it back.

He takes his trucks and uses our bodies or furniture as his racetrack making vroom noises. Sometimes Sam even becomes the victim.

He is pretty fearless and always has a minimum of 5 scrapes, bumps or bruises on his legs at all times.

His teeth have all come in FINALLY ! Dax was a great while cutting all his teeth but my goodness those last 4 lateral incisors were a doozy!

Loves to wrestle and ruff house with his dad.  Also, if Mckay has a day off, that morning they go to the bakery to pick out a yummy donut or pastry to eat and bring one home for me. I'm looking forward to this happening more ofter when McKay's residency ends.

“Towel Hugs” we call them. A towel hug is when Dax gets out of the bath, he helps us wrap him up in the towel, then he gets one on one time with us by snuggling on our shoulder all wrapped up and warm. That my friends, is a towel hug!

Talking on the phone with family members is a daily occurrence. The conversations most of the time last much longer than I expect. He sure has a lot to say.   

Off to church!

Loves to color. (He use to not like it much) He just learned how to draw circles and a straight line. The circles are pretty sad, but you can totally see his efforts.
Nice farmers tan dude!

Dax likes to help me with my everyday chores like sweeping and following me with a rag wiping anything that I'm cleaning. Dax also likes helping me cook or bake especially when I make cookies. He helps by mixing and adding the ingredients for me (it takes a long time but its fun) and it’s a great excuse for me to bake some goodies when I have a hankering for something sweet!

Baking cookies or playing with his dump truck? Life's decisions for a toddler.

We are introducing the potty and he has done surprisingly well. He pees in the potty before his bath, in the morning after he wakes up and whenever he acts interested.  Quickly follows a fun potty dance with high-pitched cheers of ‘You did it!” and clapping.  Honestly, I am just not ready to put in the work with Grayson being so little and summertime means being out and about a lot more. I’m thinking when winter arrives we’ll actually buckle down and train him completely.

As fun as Dax is I dare say he is equally hard. He tests me everyday by doing things he knows he is not suppose to do. He is very familiar with that 2nd stair in our kitchen since it has recently become “time out”. I have to say though, he understands its purpose and he will sit there until we tell him his time is up.  When he gets in trouble he smiles at me and this either breaks my heart or it makes me even more frustrated. 

He plays really hard and sleeps really hard and even though he is not my baby anymore I still catch myself wanting to hold and rock him at night before he goes down. Of course he is more that happy to be snuggled and rocked.
We are so grateful to have this crazy little ray of sunshine in our life and we are trying to soak up every moment we have with him since he is changing so much every minute.  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Dad in the world goes to........

.....all the dads out there in your life that deserve it!
I would especially like to talk about one in particular.

McKay has always been a great father and with this last year of juggling the residency, being a dad and getting his second son, he has truly proven what a wonderful Daddy he is!
Mckay, you have passed lots of tests these last 5 yrs but this one was the BIGGEST! ;)

We love you so much!
~ Dax & Grayson

“I was smiling yesterday, I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow. Simply because I have the best dad in the world"

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Soaking up every second....and the sun :)

Memorial weekend was a blast! We had so much fun and took advantage of every moment having McKay around.
Just chillin

He makes me smile

Roasting hot dogs

Grayson was a pro at watching us roast the dogs

He was pretty happy of course because he ate before us :)

My Munchkin

When we were done Dax got a butter knife put a piece of bun on it to roast. He got the idea!

Snugs with Grammy


Concentrating to get the "perfect" (coal covered burnt) roasted mallow.

Baby Gray even joined in!

Oh so very sticky

Dax played patty cake and he liked the feeling of his hands sticking together. Here he is marking it with a "D"

Swings are his favorite

I'd say the weekend was a success! Yeah?