Friday, April 8, 2011

All about my main squeeze

Where do I start with how amazingly perfect and well driven this husband and dad is?
Well, for starters, the day we all have been waiting for is almost here.  On May 7th, I will be watching McKay walk across the UW stage to graduate pharmacy school and become:

McKay M Robinson Pharm. D.

4 years in Wyoming are coming to an end and we are so excited to start the next chapter back in UT for another…year…of school…What’s that you say? More school? Yep, it’s true and how grateful we are for him to have this opportunity to complete a year of residency training.  For those not familiar with a residency, basically McKay will graduate, take the NAPLEX (North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination) and law exam (MPJE) and will become a registered pharmacist.  Instead of accepting a traditional pharmacy position he is choosing to get more specialized training and education in the area of community pharmacy.  Completing a residency will open up doors in unique and diverse areas of pharmacy, that McKay is interested in.  The application and interview processes for the different residency programs was a challenging and full of surprises, but we are now excited and grateful that he has accepted a position with the University of Utah.   

These changes mean that the next phase of our lives will be in Salt Lake City, and we are currently looking for a place to rent anywhere from Lehi to SLC.

So here’s to you McKay! I am so excited for our next step in life. They will be momentous because of all of your hard work and determination you have put forth in all that you have done for our little family. We made a great team I’d say


Mckay said...

Thanks babe, I love you so much. Your are the best wife every, and my every dream come true!

Chelsie and Trace said...

Oh that is so cute!! I can't wait for you to move back we will have to get together and go to lunch with the kiddos!

Rachelle said...

If only our basement were finished, we'd rent it to you :)

Bruce said...

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. The blessings just keep pouring in!!!