Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The month of 7! Leaps and Bounds

Yes, we still have to bundle him up like this for our April WY walks! Hes so cute though!


The 7th and most progressive month of all

Right now if I had to explain Daxton’s personality and temperament, I would have to say, he is a very content child that constantly analyzes everything.   He seems to ponder everything that is going on around him like thinking very hard about the toy in his hand, how it is shaped, the texture and how it is making that noise.  He is not real active, just happy to be sitting on his blanket with a plethora of toys, figuring out life’s problems.  When our little munchkin smiles, it lights up the room with how sweet it is.  You can see it in his eyes how happy he is to be alive and he knows he is so loved by everyone in his life.

During Daxton’s 7th month of life he figured out how to do lots of new things and master a few other skills he was working on.  A few things he is getting really good at are:
·      Waving Bye bye
·      Giving fives
·      Using his voice. He can say Da-Da, Ba-Ba, Bu-bu, Wuh- Wuh and Ga-Ga. He says “Oh!” as though he is surprisingly agreeing with you, you say it back he then repeats and so on. It’s darling. He did say Ma-Ma twice but he was very upset both times. 
·      Yelling and squealing when you are not paying attention.
·      Faking coughs and it is….. hilarious!
·      He can laugh now! McKay and I both agreed that he was going to go down in history as the happiest, smiley baby that didn’t laugh. Not anymore. He laughs when he is being tickled, especially on his chin (strange right?, but its true and so cute).  He giggles while being hung upside down and swayed back and forth, at Kung Fu Panda and when Sammy licks his hands after he eats.
·      He loves to lay his head down on whatever is available at the time, a shoulder, chest or his own arm while in the bouncer (refer to pic below). He even tilts it to the side when he is knows people are talking to him which makes him even cuter than he already is.
·      He is a major flirt and a huge people watcher.  Going to the grocery store for a quick trip is not possible.  Once he sees the people and starts talking and smiling, people can’t resist stopping. Especially when he has this huge gummy smile and tries to have a delightful conversation with them.  It is fun to watch but can get difficult when I am in a hurry.
·      He has mastered sitting up now.  There is no more wobbly tippy baby. He bounces up and down when he gets excited holding on his feet. It is like he’s going to bounce right out of the room!
·      He has now perfected pincer grasp and loves picking up his small treats with his fingers.  He likes Cheerios, Gerber stars puffs and whatever we are eating. Putting a few treats on his highchair and getting work done while he plays is very helpful!
·      Drinking with a straw and his sippy.  All he wants is cold water, none of this juice stuff.
·      His bouncer! He finally figured out how to use it and he goes nuts. We call it “Fisher Style”.
·      Standing up while holding on to furniture. I don’t dare do this unless I am right by his side though.
·      He loves going for walks in his stroller. I love this the very most! I joked with McKay that he can expect a jogging stroller for his birthday this month.  Fortunately for me, he agreed. Bwahahaha! It’s all in my master plan.

A few things he struggles still are:
·      At times he gets pretty needy and all he wants to do is be picked and held so he can nuzzle his head in my neck.  I don’t get much done on these days but snuggling and nuzzling are an essential parts of life.
·      He still isn’t sleeping very well.  He got sick again, but just a little cold this time, which brought back his sleep struggles.  After sleeping so well after our Mexico and extended Utah trip, I thought he would go back to sleeping through the night, but I was wrong.  I can’t complain too much though, he gives me wonderful naps during the day and he is always happy.
·      He still has no interest in crawling.  He like to stay in the crawling position and rock back and forth, but that’s all.  We think he might be one of those babies that skips crawling and goes straight to walking.  He is definitely a little marcher and his favorite thing to do is stroll around the house with mom and dad (or anyone that will do it with him)
·      The booger sucker is getting so hard to use on him.  He flips out, screams, yells, grabs it from you, arches his back, turns his head…… I’m sure you’ve got the picture. Then when your done he immediately looks up and forgives you with his big cheerful smile.  He is so forgiving.
·      For about 2 days he did this separation anxiety thing where he only wanted me!  This freaked me out, but thank goodness that went away as quickly as it showed up.  Every once in a while someone freaks him out and he gets a scared look on in face, but as long as he can look around and find me he is OK (for now at least).

Nights when Sammy gets LUCKY! Then its right off to the tub for Dax!

He likes this position but, sure doesn't want to take off anywhere 
McKay has an app on his phone that goes through colors, numbers and animals. Can you tell Daxton sorta likes it.
Both babes getting some Baby Einstein in while we try to pack up our house

Yummy yummy tootsies!
The latest robot attire
Dads pooped from rotation and Dax is pooped from me I guess.
Playing in his crib with his buddy of course
The giraffe is still his fav

Learned to suck out of a straw first try. We were shocked

He also likes biting on it like so

Goofy kid

Walking in the park

1st time in the swing

With how much of an adrenaline junkie he is, needless to say......

Loved IT!

He always needs to be resting his head on you somewhere. I love this one of him and his daddy.

He only likes cold water in his sippy

Smiling through the sippy

I think it is so funny that he rests his head on his bouncer when he gets tired


Avery and Elle's mom, Sarah said...

Oh man, I wish I could know him in person! I love that Sam licks his hands after he eats - it makes me smile to think of him chuckling in his chair, watching Sam lick away.

Chelsea and Glen said...

He is so cute!!

Chelsie and Trace said...

He is a doll!! I can't wait for you to move back we really do need to get together!