Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter and a lily

Happy Easter from the Robinson crew! We were going to go to an Easter egg hunt tomorrow but, considering that we live in WY and it’s freezing and windy here right now we decided to wait until next year for the first Easter egg hunt.  Plus, Dax as no idea what’s going so we are just going to give him his Easter stuff at home in the comfort of our little warm house. Good idea? We think so!!!

A quick story about the lily:

Every year my grandpa would get all of his daughters (one being my mother) an Easter lily and when he passed away my sweet dad took on that role.  Now, every year I get one from him, along with my sisters-in-laws.  Living in Laramie, 7 hours away, has made the task for my father more challenging, and it has been fun to see how creative he is to get it to me before Easter.  This year it was extra special.  We were in Utah looking for housing and spent Sunday evening at my parent’s house before heading home the next day.  McKay woke me up Monday morning and told me there was a surprise for me on the porch.  After running downstairs (like Christmas in April) this is what I found.  My dad had gotten up very early, and went out of his way to bring me my sentimental flower so I could take it home with me to enjoy for the Easter season and beyond.  This gesture means so much to me on so many different levels.  I love you and thank you Daddy and miss you Grandpa.

I will post his Easter pictures in his 8th month entry.

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Glen said...

That is so awesome!! I love it! And Dax is still getting cuter and cuter!