Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Cause baby, your a firework. Come on let your colors burst!"

The 4th of July started early and ended late packed with lots of fun stuff. Dax was a trooper the whole time being as happy as ever with lots to look at and lots of cousins to keep him entertained.

We started by going to the Balloon Fest and unfortunately the wind picked up and it was too dangerous so they didn't go up 

Stink buggin around the park
Scooby dooby dooooooo!

Watching the fire engines. Surprisingly the loud noises, bangs and sirens didn't bother him

Walking around the little shops while the parade was still going on. Totally worth it! No crowds :)

At the car show with my family in Nana's red wagon.

Just along for the ride. After we went to get ice cream and pretzels at Sub Zero

We ended the day by going to my parents to eat yummy food, cool of by playing in the water slide, a balloon toss and water balloon fights.

The ramifications of eating lots of boldly colored frosting on the cupcakes

McKay was the #1 target the whole time by the cousins as you can see.

Swinging away! The higher the better with this kid!

Then the irrigation came. This was always so fun for my brothers and me when we were little so now the grand kids get to have a blast in it.

Best Day Ever for Sammy!

Dax was very intrigued by the fireworks.  Thanks goodness he was not overly excited because I was very nervous with him trying to grab them. 

Some of the grand kids

Papa lighting the sparklers

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