Sunday, July 3, 2011

Relaxing Fireworks?

For Art City Days in Springville my dad got the whole gang together for a very entertaining night filled with family fun, good food, a concert and awesome fireworks.

Dax was a good little boy playing with his cousins and being entertained by watching his surroundings. Then when the concert started he zonked out! It was pretty loud but he slept through most of it. He woke up in time for the fireworks, which he loved and he actually fell back asleep during the finale. I barley even watched the fireworks because I loved seeing the look in Dax’s eyes how somber and sleepy he was but he definitely liked them. In a strange way they seemed to relax him.
A very BIG thanks to my dad for setting it up. (Notice my mom is not in any pictures? Ohhhh...that's because she hangin out in Cali with her friends on a yacht!) Who had more fun?

My brother and Dad

Angie, Colman and a friend

Natalie and Jake
This is what I mean about Dax being so snugly and somber most of the time

....but of course he was his happy self too and making lots of goofy stink faces :)

He wasn't necessarily tired but wanted to lay his head down a lot

Dylan and Jacksen being goofy. It's what they do best

Gracie and Maggie are great babysitters with Dax
Maggie holding Dax while he relaxes

His classic "stink face" It cracks me up that he does it so often

Fallin asleep in aunt Nanny's arms while uncle Jake stokes his cheek. He sorta smiled as he dozed off.

...aaaaand he's OUT!

Silly Dylan

Dax loved the glow bracelets

Can you tell by most of the pics how snugly he was?

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