Friday, June 24, 2011

On the go!

Getting just too big!

In the past 2 months Dax had changed so much! Actually in the past 2 weeks he has become a totally different baby. He went from sitting in the middle of the floor playing with a toy, to crawling, cruising along furniture, pulling himself up and being able to push himself to a sitting position all in about 2 days. I always heard people say “One day he’ll just start moving and getting into everything!” Yeah, you’re all correct. It seemed like it took little practice and now he acts as though he has been doing it perfect all along. It surprised both us how fast he grew up.

He is back to sleeping the entire night in his room again and he averages about 11 hrs every night. Getting there again was not so easy this time. We did the “Cry it out method” which for some (me), means the mom cries too. It was tough but I stayed strong and he is a great sleeper now.

His personality is still as goofy and fun as ever. He loves to growl and howl at you while crawling around. He will carry on a conversation with anyone by saying  “Oh” in different tones, especially with girls at the grocery and convenience stores.  When he’s really passionate about what he is trying to say he gets loud and yells every word he knows ranging from Ah!, Da Da! Gog! Ba Ba! Ma! and Oh!

Dax loves being chased when crawling or chasing us while crawling.  While being chased he gets so excited that his arms and legs get moving so fast that he falls on his stomach and waves his arms back an forth like a maniac, laughing as hard as he can.  When he crawls on anything besides carpet like tile, wood floor, cement, grass etc…. he goes on his hands and feet with his bum in the air like a bear crawl, we call him our little stink bug.  He is such a goof.

He loves to drink water and lemonade, but doesn’t like juice of any kind.

He loves to eat a lot of different kinds of food but mostly pears, all meats, cheeses, Greek yogurt, and diced steamed carrots. In a nutshell he won’t eat baby food or really anything pureed on a spoon, he likes what we eat just chopped up in bite size pieces.

My favorite sweet moments now are:
·      Kisses, you know the bog slobbery mouth wide-open kind.
·      He brings us books and crawls up in our lap so we will read them to him.
·      When he gets sleepy he will sometimes crawl up in my lap, snuggle his face into my neck and fall asleep while I tickle his back.
·      Watching him crawl away from me and turn around with a BIG smile waving bye-bye as hard as he can.
·      Seeing him play with Sammy. He and Sammy will run (crawl) around the room with a ball or toy and when Dax finally gets it he throws his the ball in hand in the air the waving it around looking for us to get our approval (we say in a high pitched voice “Good Joooooob!”) with a big smile.

Walking like a stink bug. He does this on the grass, cement, wood and tile.

"Just helping ya out mom!"
He sees the gate open and jets up the stairs
"Did I just climb all those?"

Moving as fast as he can to help Sammy eat his food.
Really Dax?

He loves his "walker" ....well, that's what we call it because his Great Grammy has to use one too and we are going to take Dax down to her home so they can walk the halls together with their "walkers"
Pulls himself back up when he falls and off he goes again!
Dax got his first bad fever last month. It only last 24 hrs and for that day I hate to say it but....I kinda liked it, he was so sweet, somber and snugly with his cute rosy cheeks and nose.
Dad was pretty sad too :(
Looking out at the rain
This flower is pretty cool but would be much cooler if I could rip it off, tear it apart and eat it which is pretty typical for my flowers at home.

Daxton is such a sweet boy and we love watching him learn and grow EVERYDAY! He is changing so much. I wish I could freeze time and sometimes you might catch me pleading with him to stop growing but he then quickly does something new and hilarious that makes it worth it.

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