Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zermatt. The 1st weekend

We had the opportunity to enjoy Mark and Mary's Zermatt condo in Midway for almost 2 weeks. The first weekend my parents came up and the second for Memorial weekend we were with McKay's parents and his sister's family from Vegas.  The weather was great most of the time and there is so much to do. You can see how beautiful it is and ohhh... how relaxing.
Things we got to do:
Eat lots of good food
Ride on the carousal 
Feed the baby goats
Swim in the pool
Enjoy the spa and gym
Shopped at Everything in the Barn
Go on gorgeous walks
Ride Thomas the Train! For real guys! The one and only! Dax loved it along with cousins Fisher and Sage.
Here are some pics that I took just having fun with my camera and new flash the first weekend up there. Lots more pics to come on top of all these As you can see I had some pretty cute people to work with :)
I just love these two guys! 
The whole time Dax was completely happy and enthusiastic about everything to touch and see. 

I didn't give Dax food for the goats because they were kinda snippy to get the goodies so he just held on to the fence and let them sniff him while he would yell with excitement.

He is so excited he just cant contain it!

Well hello there
I think this gravel would have kept him entertained all day

Every time I look at this pic I cant help but laugh out loud. This is the sun is in my eyes face. He makes it pretty much anytime its too bright. LOL!
Melts mommy's heart sweet sweet boy

He caught me! I was sneaking up on my mom and Dax playing
Of course he is intrigued by the remote like most babies

Lots more pics to come of Thomas the Train and Memorial weekend.....

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