Monday, June 20, 2011

Fatherhood looks good on him

McKay's first fathers day was so great. He basically did what he does best by taking care of and playing with his son most of the morning. Meanwhile, I baked and got ready for a Fathers Day dinner at my mom and dads.  We were able to see McKay's dad for awhile and then we went to a BBQ dinner at my parents for the celebration. We are so grateful for both our fathers and how much they do for us.
I had the idea of finding a ONE great pic to post of McKay and Dax and obviously could not decide.

 I made delish cupcakes for all the wonderful dads in my life.  The night that McKay was away to take his MPJE test I put Dax down for the night and had a couple of hours to watch Life as we know it (a favorite) and my craftiness came out by making the cake toppers. It was actually pretty fun. Lame right?

Dax cant take his eyes off the treat

This was the first card I looked at. The only one :0
McKay you truly are the best. We love you and appreciate everything you do for us.

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