Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gateway Discovery and a sleepover!

We had my nieces over for a weekend and had lots of fun watching movies and eating popcorn, shopping, painting our nails, helping me scrapbook and spending the day at Discovery Gateway in SLC. Discovery Gateway was a blast! There is SO MUCH to see and do plus it was so fun for Dax too getting to watch and participate in many things that the girls did also. We figured in the end that we didn’t even get to about 25% of it after about 5 hrs of being there. I would recommend it to anyone with kiddos.

We made it on the news!
Spinning the handle and watching the balls jump around

Playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

The construction zone

Helping Grace run the crane

Playing house
Dax could actually pick these flowers
The GIANT room
The girls set up these huge dominoes
...then got in between them while they got knocked over

Finding some gold

This was the best part for Dax and the girls. Dax ran around the play store getting his shopping done like a pro!
About to pay for all his groceries
Giving mom and dad a BIG hint that they need to eat more fruits and veggies

All the way to the top
Organizing the produce....or in Dax's case just plain mixing it up and throwing it around.

Future Farmer!
This ones for you B
Playing with the legos with dad.

Learning about life flight and all the people that make up the life flight team.

After we went to the water fountains
That morning everyone woke up to finish watching the movie...even Dax and Sammy

Very into it as you can see :)

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